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Book blooms

My book is on an odyssey, visiting Alaska, Bath, the skulls of Montpellier, York Minster, Shanghai, Croatia, Ho Chi Minh City, Santorini, London, Scotland, Ithaca, the Bay of Naples, Lake Como, Dubrovnik, Fiji, Aileron, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the Andes, the Northern Territory, the Whitsundays, Kalgoorlie and Condabri, Queensland, before invading Australia’s most Left-wing Parliament - an experience which convinced one reader at the...

Betts the healer

How classy is Eddie Betts?

ADELAIDE Crows footballer Eddie Betts says he has forgiven the woman who threw a banana at him during the Showdown against Port Adelaide — and does not want her to be banned for life.

Betts told FIVEaa he wanted Alexandra Pelosi, 27, to be welcomed back to football rather than face punitive action for her actions, condemned across Australia as racist.

“I don’t think she should get a life ban. I think she should come back...

Mike Baird’s dare: if you don’t like me banning stuff, vote me out

I don’t think it is wise for a politician to issue this invitation, especially in the context of seeming headstrong:

The Premier said “of course there will be (a backlash)” from the greyhound ban, but voters “will have their right, come election-day in 2019 to pass judgment on decisions we’ve made”.

Morrison warns: change or risk recession

Treasurer Scott Morrison issues the warning we need:

“A generation has grown up not ever having known a recession, of seeing unemployment rates at more than 10 per cent, with one million Australians out of work or mortgage rates at 18 per cent or where inflation is actually a problem, rather than an aspiration.”

In addition, Mr Morrison will say that on the current settings, a generation of Australians are likely to never pay tax, setting up a new divide...

Turnbull’s terrible choice: a Labor super tax or nothing

The Turnbull Government faces a nightmare choice with its plans for a new superannuation tax - and the easiest option may be to give up.

The choice is this:

- make a deal with Labor to get the package through the Senate, which means essentially passing a Labor tax that hits the Liberal base even harder.

- make a deal instead with the Greens, who’d want an even bigger tax.

- make a deal with Pauline Hanson, Nick Xenophon and three other crossbench...

Nothing to see here, says the government as its subs spring a leak

I thought a massive leak from the builder of Australia’s submarines - a leak detailing how (different) subs for the Indian navy worked - might actually concern the Turnbull Government.

But, no.

Cameron Stewart:

The government yesterday missed its chance to reassure Australians that it takes the security of Australia’s future submarine program seriously.

Reacting to the massive leak of secret documents from the French shipbuilder DCNS on India’s new...

Savva explodes

Niki Savva, Malcolm Turnbull’s fiercest media supporter, has been goaded beyond endurance:

… the extreme Right and the delcons ... adept at dropping bile, then squealing like little piggies if anybody dares bite back ... bully, intimidate, offend, smear ... groupthink always precedes, then dictates, a group rant ...  viciousness ... invective ... no fact left untwisted, no insult withheld ... the loonies of the Right ... like throwing bananas at indigenous...

Column - Why are gay-marriage supporters so scared of Australians?

WHY are same-sex marriage activists so scared of Australians and so against giving them a say? Why are they rewriting history to pretend an Irish-style public vote on same-sex marriage will unleash terrible gay-hatred?

Activists, politicians and journalists are now demanding the Turnbull Government call off its planned plebiscite next year. Labor leader Bill Shorten claims it will just be “a taxpayer-funded platform for homophobia”. Former High Court...

Turnbull turns up

The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council does not let his position stop him from calling things out:

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