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eCommerce Resources on the Internet
Marcus P. Zillman's guide is a comprehensive, diverse and wide ranging listing of eCommerce Resources on the Web. These resources include those in a wide range of areas such as: associations, indexes, search engines as well as individual websites.
3D Printing: The Manufactory of Knowledge
Ken Strutin's article addresses the increasing use and impact, social and legal, of the emerging and high visibility technology known as 3D printing. The technology's use in a wide range of sectors - including education, manufacturing, firearms, robotics and medical devices, as well as in the home - is raising a plethora of patent, trademark and intellectual property issues. In addition, libraries and museums are beginning to embrace 3D technologies for archiving and collection development. And the widespread ability to create three-dimensional objects via technology is transforming information collection, storage and communication across a spectrum of fields.
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