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Off-campus redevelopment is inevitable, Campus Partners says, nostalgia for old days or not
Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment has become a target of criticism again for its involvement in remaking areas around Ohio State University. The South Campus Gateway redevelopment was the first major project for the university's nonprofit development arm. Now, redevelopment around 15th and High is the next planned overhaul, targeting an area by the heart of campus. “It’s something we hear a lot,” Erin Prosser, Campus Partners' director of community development, said of criticism…
All-day breakfast likely to spread after McDonald's shakes up its menu
The launch of all-day breakfast at McDonald’s may drive other eateries to serve sausage and eggs all day too. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based fast feeder will flip the switch at 10:31 a.m. Tuesday, offering some of its most-popular breakfast items beyond breakfast hours every day. “Kudos to them for getting out early,” restaurant observer Darren Tristano told me. “They’ve been behind on trends and for once, they’re getting out in front of it.” Tristano, executive vice president of Chicago-based…
Check out Manhattan Harbour’s 5 luxury homes: SLIDESHOW
The developer and homebuilders behind Manhattan Harbour believe the home show at the Dayton, Ky., development will serve as reveal party for what is expected to be a $400 million project. Dave Imboden, the developer of Manhattan Harbour, said the home show is a chance to let people know what’s happening at the development he’s been working on for nearly a decade. “We’re open for business and moving full speed ahead,” Imboden said. To view a slideshow of the home show, click on the image…
Spotlight: Megan Hurley, Columbus 2020
Megan Hurley, administrative coordinator, Columbus 2020 Age: 22 Vitals: B.S. in city and regional planning from Ohio State University. I was an intern with Columbus 2020 and the Columbus Chamber prior to my current role. I also have experience in marketing and public relations, graphic design and geographic information systems. Why this business: Economic development not only puts Columbus Region on the map in a competitive global economic climate, it also directly improves the quality of life…
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