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Upstate goes nuts for Krispy Kreme’s ‘eclipse’ doughnuts

(WSPA) — Long lines were seen at Krispy Kreme shops throughout the Upstate this weekend after a first-ever chocolate-glazed doughnut was launched for Monday’s solar eclipse.

On Monday, Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnuts will be glazed with chocolate, according to the company’s website.

But customers can also stop by participating shops Sunday night for an early taste of the chocolate-covered doughnuts.

The lines were out the door Sunday, and two parking lots were full, for the special-edition doughnuts in Spartanburg, according to our crew on the scene.

The Anderson Krispy Kreme was even packed out on Saturday night for the chocolate-glazed sweets, our 7News team tells us.

The Krispy Kreme stores on Woodruff Road and North Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville are participating in the eclipse doughnut launch as well.

To find your closest participating Krispy Kreme, click here.

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American Girl’s first Native Hawaiian doll set to go on sale

HONOLULU (AP) — American Girl has made its first Native Hawaiian doll.

The doll’s name is Nanea Mitchell and she goes on sale Monday. The doll is 18 inches (46 centimeters) tall and is priced at $115.

Her character grows up during World War II. Her wardrobe includes 1940s-era outfits, hula attire and many accessories.

A five-member advisory board helped ensure historical accuracy and cultural authenticity when creating the doll, the company said.

“We hope Nanea’s powerful story of resilience, responsibility to others, and contributing for the common good — or kokua, as it’s known in Hawaii — will resonate with girls and show them they have the power within to face the obstacles that come their way,” said Katy Dickson, president of American Girl.

To celebrate the doll’s launch, American Girl will be collecting donations for the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces program through the end of the year, matching every dollar made at its website and stores up to $75,000.

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Man who lost some eyesight from past eclipse has a warning

PORTLAND, Ore. (KRON) — A 20-second look at the sun cost Lou Tomososki much of the sight in his right eye.

So he has some words of advice for kids and teens tempted to look at the upcoming solar eclipse: You’ll be sorry!

“Why take a chance with your eyes?” the 71-year-old Oregon man said.

He was a teenager when his science teacher told the class about a solar eclipse happening that afternoon.

So he and his buddy, Roger Duval, stood in front of their high school and looked up. He remembers watching the moon pass over the sun.

He thought nothing of it at the time, he said.

“There’s no sign” that your eye is being damaged, he said. “You just squint. You don’t feel anything.”

On the walk home, “there was a little bit of a blurry spot,” he said. Luckily, he had looked at the eclipse with only one eye.

But even that left him with a pea-sized blank spot in his right eye.

“The damage was done right then and there,” he said of his 20-second glimpse of a solar eclipse. “The longer you look at it, the more damage is done.”

He didn’t realize that the sun had burned a hole in his retina until months later, during a visit to the eye doctor.

He couldn’t see past the second line of the eye chart when the physician told him to close his left eye and read the letters in front of him.

“The sun is 93 million miles away and look what it can do,” he said.

He and Duval, who’ve been friends since the fourth grade, are speaking publicly about the danger of looking at the rare celestial event on Aug. 21, when the eclipse will be visible in North America.

“If we can save just one person from looking up at that thing,” that will be enough to please them both.

“Why would you a take chance with your eyes?” he said.

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Police poke fun at teens who tried to look ‘cool’ by mocking them

LAWRENCE, KS (WCMH) — Police in Kansas are letting everyone in on the joke after two teens trying to look tough in front of a police car ended up the laughingstock of Twitter.

A Twitter user named Blake Albert tweeted a short video of a young man squatting in front of a city vehicle and blowing out a cloud of vape smoke. He tagged the Lawrence, Kansas police department in the video–apparently thinking it was a squad vehicle.

As the police pointed out, the teen was actually posing in front of a city water truck. “I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle. ¯_(ツ)_/¯” the police department Tweeted.

Blake said he was actually the person behind the camera and that his friend Alex is the one vaping in front of the truck. He also said that the duo couldn’t find a police truck, so settled on a water truck for their stunt.

The police department’s response has more than 133,000 Retweets and 422,000 Likes on Twitter as of 4pm Sunday.

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Driver forced to gun engine and jump rising drawbridge

LOWER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A driver was forced to gun his engine and jump a drawbridge that began rising as he crossed it with his family.

Terence Naphys, of West Deptford Township, had paid the toll to cross the Middle Thorofare Bridge with three family members in his vehicle on Aug. 1. The bridge links Cape May with the Wildwoods near the Jersey shore.

As he was crossing the steel grate, it began to rise 3 to 6 feet (0.9 to 1.8 meters) because a vessel was trying to cross, police said.

“My wife said, ‘I think the bridge is opening,’” Terence Naphys told KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

“He accelerated, and of course then we landed with a big impact on the concrete on the side,” said Jackie Naphys.

Police said the landing caused minor damage to his vehicle. No one was hurt.

Authorities said the operator of the bridge was to blame for the scare.

“An employee for the Cape May County Bridge Commission stated that a large vessel was approaching the bridge and they had no contact with that vessel due to their radio being down,” police said in their report.

The bridge tender told police he activated the bridge’s lights and gates in anticipation that all vehicles would be clear. However, he wasn’t sure because of sun glare.

Terence Naphys said he would never cross the bridge again.

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Trump will address path forward on Afghanistan

CAMP MOREHEAD, Afghanistan (AP) — Signaling that the U.S. military expects its mission to continue, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan on Sunday hailed the launch of the Afghan Army’s new special operations corps, declaring that “we are with you and we will stay with you.”

Gen. John Nicholson’s exhortation of continued support for the Afghans suggested the Pentagon may have won its argument that America’s military must stay engaged in the conflict in order to insure terrorists don’t once again threaten the U.S. from safe havens in Afghanistan.

The White House announced that President Donald Trump would address the nation’s troops and the American people Monday night to update the path forward in Afghanistan and South Asia.

Nicholson, speaking prior to the White House announcement, said the commandos and a plan to double the size of the Afghan’s special operations forces are critical to winning the war.

“I assure you we are with you in this fight. We are with you and we will stay with you,” he said during a ceremony at Camp Morehead, a training base for Afghan commandos southeast of Kabul.

The Pentagon was awaiting a final announcement by Trump on a proposal to send nearly 4,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. The added forces would increase training and advising of the Afghan forces and bolster counterterrorism operations against the Taliban and an Islamic State group affiliate trying to gain a foothold in the country.

The administration has been at odds for months over how to craft a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan amid frustrations that 16 years after 9/11 the conflict is stalemated.

The Afghan government only controls half of the country and is beset by endemic corruption and infighting. The Islamic State group has been hit hard but continues to attempt major attacks, insurgents still find safe harbor in Pakistan, and Russia, Iran and others are increasingly trying to shape the outcome. At this point, everything the U.S. military has proposed points to keeping the Afghan government in place and struggling to turn a dismal quagmire around.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he is satisfied with how the administration formulated its new Afghanistan war strategy. But he refused to talk about the new policy until it was disclosed by Trump.

He said the deliberations, including talks at the Camp David presidential retreat on Friday, were done properly.

“I am very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous,” Mattis said, speaking aboard a military aircraft on an overnight flight from Washington to Amman, Jordan.

Months ago, Trump gave Mattis authority to set U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan, but Mattis said he has not yet sent significant additional forces to the fight. He has said he would wait for Trump to set the strategic direction first.

Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday that he had made decisions at Camp David, “including on Afghanistan,” but he did not say more about it. The expectation had been that he would agree to a modest boost in the U.S. war effort, while also addressing broader political, economic and regional issues.

Mattis said Trump had been presented with multiple options. He did not name them, but others have said one option was to pull out of Afghanistan entirely. Another, which Mattis had mentioned recently in Washington, was to hire private contractors to perform some of the U.S. military’s duties.

At Camp Morehead, lines of Afghan commandos stood at attention as Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and a host of proud dignitaries sat under flag-draped canopies and welcomed the advancement in their nation’s long-struggling military.

In short remarks to the force, Nicholson said a defeat in Afghanistan would erode safety in the U.S. and “embolden jihadists around the world.”

That’s why, he said, the U.S. is helping to double the size of the Afghan commando force, adding that the ceremony “marks the beginning of the end of the Taliban.”

Maj. Gen. James Linder, the head of U.S. and NATO special operations forces in Afghanistan, said the nearly 4,000 troops requested by the Pentagon for Afghanistan includes about 460 trainers for his staff to help increase the size of the special operations forces.

He said he’d be able expand training locations and insure they have advisers at all the right levels, including on the new Afghan special operations corps staff.

According to a senior U.S. military officer in Kabul, increasing the number of American troops would allow the military to quickly send additional advisers or airstrike support to two simultaneous operations. Right now, the official said, they can only do so for one.

The officer said it would allow the U.S. to send fighter aircraft, refueling aircraft and surveillance aircraft to multiple locations for missions.

The officer was not authorized to discuss the details publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity.

Afghan military commanders have been clear that they want and expect continued U.S. military help.

Pulling out American forces “would be a total failure,” Col. Abdul Mahfuz, the Afghan intelligence agency chief for Qarahbagh, north of Kabul, said Saturday. And he said that substituting paid contractors for U.S. troops would be a formula for continuing the war, rather than completing it.

Mahfuz and other Afghan commanders spoke at a shura council meeting at Bagram air base attended also by U.S. military officers and Afghan intelligence officials.

Col. Abdul Mobin, who commands an Afghan mechanized battalion in the 111th Division, said any reduction in the U.S. military presence “leads to total failure.”

Speaking through an interpreter, he added that operations by Afghan and U.S. special operations forces have been very effective, and that “the presence of U.S. military personnel is felt and considered a positive step for peace.”

He said he’d like to see an additional 10,000 American troops in the country.

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NC Amber Alert issued for abducted 8-year-old girl

WESTFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) — An Amber Alert was issued Sunday afternoon in North Carolina for an 8-year-old girl in a child abduction case, officials said.

Trinity Lakin McGraw is the subject of the Amber Alert, which was issued out of Stokes County.

Trinity is 4 feet tall, weighs 53 pounds, has brown eyes, long hair and was wearing a long nightgown with a watermelon design when she was abducted, Amber Alert officials said.  She was not wearing shoes or socks.

Patrick Ryan McGraw was identified as the abductor, the alert said. Patrick McGraw is described as 6 feet tall, 220 pounds, bald, with blue eyes and wearing a white T-shirt.  He also has tattoos: a cross tattoo on his left calf and a clock tattoo on his right shoulder that also says ‘Trinity.’

The pair were last seen traveling north in a gray 2016 Ford Focus on Frans Road in Westfield in Surry County. The car has a Georgia license plate of RDG-2198.

If you have any Information regarding this abduction, please call the Stokes County Sheriff’s Department at 336 593-8787 or call 911.

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Man arrested after domestic situation, standoff in Greenwood, police say

GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – A man has been arrested after a short standoff incident, according to the Greenwood Police Department.

The incident happened at about 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

28-year-old Anthony Rodriguez Crawford has been charged with Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature, Kidnapping, and Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime.

Police say they responded to a call at about 4:15 a.m. Sunday when a woman said her boyfriend was waiting for her when she came home.

She told police Crawford was waiting for her in her bedroom with two handguns.

The suspect accused her of cheating on him and began following her around the house, the victim says.

She says he began pointing the guns at her and pushed one of the barrels against her forehead.

The victim locked herself in a bathroom but says Crawford continued banging on the door and threatened to kill her and himself if she tried to leave.

After about 15 minutes, she said she was able to distract him long enough to run out of the home and to a family member’s house.

An officer later responded to the home and found the victim standing outside.

She told the officer that Crawford was inside the house.

Police say when the suspect saw them, he barricaded himself inside.

After a short standoff, the suspect’s mother was able to call him and convince him to surrender.

Crawford was arrested and taken to the Greenwood County Detention Center.

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1 dead, 2 hurt in ‘domestic incident’ at UNC residence hall, officials say

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — One person died and two others were injured during a domestic violence incident on the UNC campus early Sunday morning, officials said.

The incident happened around 12:10 a.m. Sunday in a single-family residence at UNC’s Baity Hill, according to a media release from the university.

The person who died was a resident of Baity Hill, which is housing for graduates and student families.

Two other residents of Baity Hill were injured in the incident, UNC officials said.

UNC police are investigating the incident and said there is no ongoing threat to students or residents.

No other information was released.

According to Baity Hill’s Facebook page, the housing is described as: “Carolina’s premier apartment community for student families. As a resident of Baity Hill at Mason Farm, you’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with unparalleled attention to your needs.”

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