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گوگل کا عبدالستار ایدھی کے لیے خراج عقیدت

انتہائی محدود وسائل سے شروع کی گئی ڈسپنسری اور سماجی خدمات کا یہ سلسلہ چھ دہائیوں سے زائد عرصے کے بعد ایک بڑی فاؤنڈیشن کی صورت میں نہ صرف پاکستان بلکہ بیرون ملک مختلف سانحات اور آفات میں امداد فراہم کر رہا ہے۔ دنیائے ٹیکنالوجی کی ایک بڑی کمپنی گوگل نے پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے

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Students? week kicks off at Air University

Islamabad: Students’ Week for the year 2017 has started at Air University main campus here in a colorful opening ceremony, says a press release.

The chief guest of ceremony, Vice Chancellor Air University, Air Vice Marshal (r) Faaiz Amir said in his speech that Students’ Week is very significant part of Air University culture where students can participate in different indoor and outdoor games and they can also participate in different debate, music and art competitions. He said this inter-competition opportunities increase the desire amongst the students to stand victorious by doing hard work in life. 

He added that these sort of non-academic activities during the semester provide a break from hefty academic schedules and also shine the students’ extra-curricular capabilities. He emphasized that students should actively participate in all the scheduled competitions to make this week more colorful. He also stressed on events’ organizers to provide all the facilities to participants to make the students’ week successful. Air University’s all departments teams are participating in different games such as cricket, basketball, football, tug-of-war and many others sporting competitions. By the end of students’ week, the winners will be awarded medals and trophies.


Student starts mobile library in Mohmand Agency

GHALLANAI: A student has started mobile library to provide books to needy and poor pupils in Mohmand Agency.

The first-ever private library will issue the books to students for one month free of charge to promote literacy in the impoverished region. The mobile library was launched at a ceremony in Kashi Kor area in Mohmand Agency. Many local elders and youth attended it.

Najibullah Mohmand, a student of the National Defence University, has set up the library on help-self basis to provide the local youth with books for study and to promote reading habit among the new generation.

Speaking on the occasion, Najibullah said the initiative was aimed at providing a variety of books to local youth, particularly the poor and needy students in tribal areas. He said the library offered books to students from 9th grade to master's level and for competitive examinations.

Najibullah said the library primarily provided books to students in Mohmand Agency and would later extend the facility to the entire tribal areas. He said that the mobile service had been launched in Kashi Kor area and would be extended to other areas.

The local elders and students urged the federal government, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor, political administration, and other social welfare organisations to provide books and furniture to the library to promote education.


Preventive measures needed to avoid gastrointestinal infections, diarrhoea

Rawalpindi: With the rise in mercury level particularly at day time, private and public sector healthcare facilities have started receiving patients with water and food borne infections commonly known as gastroenteritis.

According to health experts, it is time to create awareness among public on how to avoid gastrointestinal infections and diarrhoea, the infections that put extraordinary burden on public sector healthcare facilities particularly the three teaching hospitals in town every year soon after winter.

Every year, the spread of gastroenteritis and diarrhoea are reported in the district in warm weather conditions while in summer, every third patient reaching allied hospitals is reported to have water or food borne infection.

Health experts say that it is so mainly because of lack of awareness among public and carelessness as majority of population does not take necessary preventive measures to avoid diarrhoea and gastroenteritis.

The allied hospitals are receiving majority of patients particularly infants and children with respiratory tract infections along with a little number of patients with diarrhoea however, the trend is being shifted from respiratory infections to diarrhoea, said Head of Paediatrics Department at Rawalpindi Medical College Prfessor Rai Asghar while talking to ‘The News’.

He said it is time for parents to take extra care of the infants and children and their food must be prepared in good hygienic conditions.

Medical Specialist Dr. Sohail Tariq said it is time to educate public that the leftover foodstuff should be refrigerated as the weather is getting warmer. The foodstuff in open may become contaminated as hot and humid weather allows bacteria to grow faster, he explained.

Gastroenteritis is water and food borne bacterial infection that can be transmitted to eatables through flies in unhygienic conditions. The main symptoms of the infection include vomiting, fever, severe diarrhoea with dehydration and lowering of blood pressure.

Dr. Sohail said poor hygienic conditions at food places and vendors contaminate locally prepared drinks and foodstuff and consumption of uncovered food, cut fruits and uncovered drinks help spreading gastrointestinal infections further.

He said that individuals should take necessary preventive measures well in time to avoid an outbreak of gastrointestinal infections including diarrhoea. People should use safe drinking water, sterilized by boiling or chlorination.

He suggested that before drinking, water must be brought to ‘rolling boil’ for 5-10 minutes and then cooled down. Individuals should use chlorinated water for drinking if possible, he said. Chlorination of water may be carried out by bleaching powder, chlorine tablets, and chlorine stock solution at homes, said Dr. Sohail.


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