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Audience as voyeur in 'Little Foxes
Albany Lillian Hellman looked to a biblical verse when she chose "The Little Foxes" for the title of her 1939 drama about Southern siblings scheming with and against one another for the future of the family business, but "Nest of Vipers" would have been more accurate. Menace curls around and poison hangs throughout the parlor of the grand plantation house in which all of the action takes place as the Hubbards — two brothers and a sister — and assorted spouses and offspring verbally wrangle and spit their malevolence.
La Filven cerró con un balance positivo
HOY 07:45 a.m.| Con la afluencia de ayer, estiman que unas 150 mil personas la visitaron este año
Should the proceeds of a property sale be used to pay for care home care?

My parents-in-law might move nearer us, but one of them requires nursing home care and we don’t know the rules around paying for it

Q My parents-in-law live in a town about 50 minutes away from my husband and I. My father-in-law requires nursing care in a home, and as they have assets in excess of the £23,500 limit they will have to pay for his nursing home care.

I thought one way around the distance we would have to travel regularly to support them both, would be to have him admitted to a home near us, and for my mother-in-law to sell up and buy a property near to us as well.

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Five of the best distilleries on the American Whiskey Trail

As sales of Kentucky bourbon and Tennessee whiskey have rocketed, so has interest in the terroir of the region, and distilleries – Jack Daniel’s and Wild Turkey included – have opened for tours

US whiskey has experienced dramatic growth over the last decade, propelled by an unslakable thirst for it from Europe, China and India. But while the spirits themselves – mostly bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye – have gained distinction worldwide, their places of origin remain somewhat mysterious. This has a lot to do with their terroirs, Kentucky and Tennessee – two southern states that are low on the destination list for many visiting Europeans. The fact that some counties in these states are dry and until recently wouldn’t allow their distilleries to offer tastings, has further complicated matters.

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Anna Jones’s recipes for baked onions and crispy shallots

Cheap, readily available and infinitely adaptable, onions are the starting point for a multitude of dishes. But buttered and baked or fried to a crisp, the humble onion is more than able to steal the show

Onions are arguably the stars of the kitchen. They are cheap, readily available and crucial for laying the foundations of so many dishes, across countless cooking cultures.

Few good dishes I cook start without an onion, and I love how they can be taken to both ends of the flavour spectrum, from bracingly pickled to sweetly slow-cooked, almost caramel in texture.

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