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Telekom macht mobil im Kampf gegen Cyber-Attacken
Die Deutsche Telekom will in den Kampf gegen Cyber-Attacken auf sogenannte „kritische Infrastrukturen“ wie etwa Energie- oder auch Wasserversorgung eingreifen.
M. Night is making GLASS - the film that brings SPLIT & UNBREAKABLE Together!!!

Beyond exciting!

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Hey folks, Harry here...  At last year's FANTASTIC FEST, we had a very secret screening that nobody knew about.   Once the theater was filled, we were still being teased.   Poked and prodded, but we had no idea what was playing.   That's when SPLIT debuted.  If you haven't seen M Night's SPLIT - I found it to be brilliant - James McAvoy's performance was extraordinary - and as great as he was - everything went quite bonkers with the end tag of the film.   That moment when suddenly every member of the audience realized...  This was no stand alone film.   Here we were watching a Jason Blum produced low-budget Horror Suspense film.   How could any of us suspected the whole thing would dovetail into UNBREAKABLE...  
Well, today - M Night has announced GLASS, a film starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy...  and...  Samuel L Jackson.   
Can I have a "FUCK YEAH!!!!"?
The plot - as best as can be told will be that GLASS will pick up where SPLIT left off, Bruce's David Dunn will be going after James McAvoy's "BEAST/numerous other personalities" in what we're told will be a series of escalating encounters, when we will learn that Jackson's Mr Glass/Price will be seen as the man behind the curtains - and one can only imagine what will occur.  
At this point - all I can hope is that M Night Shyamalan lets loose.  Give us the amazing film that fans have been wanting

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Какая разница откуда свет
Журналист спрашивает людей в Луганске:- Вы электричество от кого хотите? Из Украины или России?- Та нам пофиг, кому не платить... 
Hyrule Isn’t Going to Save ItselfHyrule Isn’t Going to Save Itself
Franklin here is one of the bigger characters from Multiplex (the comic strip), but he only gets a tiny cameo in the Multiplex 10 pilot. Hopefully we’ll get to do more than just the first episode, because he’ll have more to do in episode two. As of this writing, the Kickstarter project is a bit … Continue reading Hyrule Isn’t Going to Save Itself
Hyrule Isn’t Going to Save ItselfHyrule Isn’t Going to Save Itself


If you’ve seen the rough animatic of the first scene from the animated short (which I posted both on Patreon and in the Kickstarter updates), you know that the episode begins before Jason has started working at the Multiplex 10.

So here’s one difference between the Multiplex 10 “universe” and Multiplex (comic strip) canon; Franklin started at the theater before Jason does. Also, the movie poster frames aren’t red anymore, because their vests are red, that was a really stupid decision, and I should have changed it ten years ago.

I feel bad that Franklin only has a small cameo in the first episode, especially since I already know who I want to voice him (hi, Terrence). Sadly, a lot of things that factor big in the comic won’t turn up in the first eleven minute episode, because it focuses on Kurt and Jason. But hopefully we’ll get to make more.

And even if we can’t, I’ll still want to make some mini-webisode sort of things and maybe a digital comic (e.g. Comixology Submit style)… So, like I’ve said, I’m not done with these characters yet.


Today in GPF History for Wednesday, April 26, 2017
This has to be the absolute worst mountain lion drawn in webcomics history...
Capone talks CARS 3 with director Brian Fee, producer Kevin Reher & co-producer Andrea Warren

Capone spends a day among stockcars, with CARS 3 director Brian Fee, producer Kevin Reher & co-producer Andrea Warren! Plus, a preview of the new Pixar short LOU

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Right at the tail end of March, I took a little trip to Northern California to visit the Pixar offices for an advance look at a still work-in-progress CARS 3 (due June 16), as well as a preview of the completed Pixar short LOU, which is easily one of the animations house’s most bizarre and utterly enjoyable entries to their fantastic shorts selection. LOU’s director, Dave Mullins, and producer Dana Murray introduced the short, which finds a creative way to address bullying while also looking at the root causes of why a kid begins to bully. I know, it sounds like a laugh riot. But trust me, it’s actually quite moving and funny and creative in ways even Pixar rarely gets. After a group of online writer were shown the short, Mullins and Murray returns to walk us through the process of creating LOU (the character and the short) and how at every step of the process, ideas may be added that will require scrapping work already done. I can’t imagine working that way, but for the folks at Pixar, it seems like a normal day’s experience, so they find way to be completely devoted to the work without getting to attached to individual achievement. What they are attached to is great storytelling, and anything that betters that takes precedent. Wanting very much to make his own short, Mullins began the process of pitching in 2005, with LOU finding its way

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Telekom macht mobil im Kampf gegen Cyber-Attacken
Die Deutsche Telekom will in den Kampf gegen Cyber-Attacken auf sogenannte „kritische Infrastrukturen“ wie etwa Energie- oder auch Wasserversorgung eingreifen.
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