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THE GUEST himself, Dan Stevens, to growl as The Beast in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

The part was previously linked to Ryan Gosling.

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Guess it didn't work out with Ryan Gosling.
Not four hours ago, Luke Evans was announced to play Gaston in Bill Condon’s upcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and now, we have confirmation on who will play the latter half of that star-crossed romantic duo.
DOWNTON ABBEY/THE GUEST’s Dan Stevens will be the one falling for Emma Stone’s Belle, presumably under some makeup to ugly up that pretty mug.
If you saw THE GUEST, you know that Stevens lead performance was a huge asset (heh) to the movie, and that he’s capable of going super-charming or super-dark, sometimes simultaneously. Stevens has also made impressions in vastly different supporting roles in WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3, as well as holding down a lead role on ABBEY for its first three seasons. He also did a killer guest spot as a cross-dressing writer with marital problems on the excellent web series HIGH MAINTENANCE (which you can watch below). The dude is one of the rare up-and-comers who not only consistently dazzles, but also keeps expanding his range, and I can’t wait to see what he can do behind some practical/CGI Beast VFX.
After MALEFICENT, I’d sort of written off these Disney live-action remakes, but with Watson and Stevens heading this one up, as well as Condon in the director’s chair, I have to admit I’m very much onboard with this one.
What you guys think: with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the title roles, is there a chance that this will honor,

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Katie Hopkins to be crucified on Good Friday to redeem sins of mankind
forgive them for they know not what they do, but if they follow my 15 point plan...The Church of England’s first female bishop has confirmed that celebrity Antichrist Katie Hopkins is to be executed on the cross on Good Friday, April 3. Against the backdrop of yet another cosmologically inconsequential but newsworthy Twitter spat, the Right Reverend Libby Lane preached that this was humanity's last chance to find eternal salvation. ‘If my new role has taught me anything, it's the mantra 'Let's try it with a woman',’ said Reverend Lane. ‘If Jesus of Nazareth can't save us, what do we lose by crucifying a horse-faced troll from Barnstaple? I'm certain we can find a tenuous Bible passage which foretold this. It’s never failed before.’
Michael Dougherty's KRAMPUS Finds its Cast!

Christmas is about to get scary, boys and girls. And also, probably pretty damn fun.

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Hey guys! Horrorella here...
Christmas is about to get scary, boys and girls. And also, probably pretty damn fun. Michael Dougherty, who celebrated the greatest holiday of them all in the cult favorite TRICK ‘R TREAT, has begun casting his newest film. KRAMPUS will tell the story of a family that is visited by the evil demon creature from European folklore that punishes bad children at Christmastime. THR and The Wrap report that Adam Scott (PARKS AND RECREATION) and Toni Collette (THE SIXTH SENSE) have boarded the feature, and will play the parental figures of a family that comes under attack from the diabolical Santa-figure. Scott will play the role of a work obsessed father, and Collette will play the mother, obsessed with convincing herself and those around her that everything is fine, and that no dysfunction exists in her picture-perfect home.Naturally, once Krampus visits, I’m guessing everyone has to pull together. The film will also feature Allison Tolman (the FARGO series) as Collette’s sister-in-law and Emjay Anthony (CHEF), who will play the couple’s son. It is also reported that Stefania Owen (THE CARRIE DIARIES) and David Koechner (CHEAP THRILLS, ANCHORMAN) have joined the cast as well, and that Koechner will also be playing a father of a child under the threat of Krampus.Dougherty co-wrote the script with Todd Casey and Zach Shields, and production is expected to begin in the spring in New Zealand.This cast is exciting, particularly because it indicates that Dougherty is looking to bring the same level

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Fox shuffles up their summer release schedule by moving POLTERGEIST and SPY!!

We will get to see the POLTERGEIST remake two months earlier than expected...

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Hey Yo, Draven here.

Fox has moved a few of the their high profile summer flicks today by announcing new dates for the POLTERGEIST remake and the Melissa McCarthy comedy, SPY.
POLTERGEIST was originally set to hit theaters July 24th but will now hit two months earlier on May 22nd, where it will go up against Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND. SPY was originally slated for May 22nd but now will open two weeks later on June 5th.

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Patricia Norris 1931 - 2015

The legendary production/costume designer of BLUE VELVET, TWIN PEAKS and many other classics has passed away.

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Production and costume designer Patricia Norris has passed away at the age of eighty-three. She collaborated with some of the finest filmmakers of her era, conjuring nightmares, nostalgia, wistfulness and laughs throughout a brilliantly versatile forty-six-year career. Just look at the range of directors she worked with: Howard Hawks, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Michael Ritchie, Mel Brooks, Brian De Palma, Blake Edwards, Peter Hyams, Herbert Ross, Wim Wenders, James Gray, Andrew Dominick, Steve McQueen… that's an insanely wide variety of sensibilities.
But it is her collaboration with David Lynch as both production and costume designer that is the most distinct. In a 1990 interview with the Seattle Times, she perfectly and succinctly summed up her simpatico relationship with Lynch thusly: "We don't have to talk a lot. We sorta have the same definition of ugly." She has discussed in the past how her mind is "odd" like Lynch's, but as Lynch is notoriously averse to discussing his creative process, we don't have a definitive discussion with the two on why their minds meshed so wondrously. We do have a visual record, though, which is perhaps the most appropriate manner in which to honor the many different styles Ms. Norris mastered. The below just scratches the surface of her genius.
Smile (d. Michael Richie)The Candidate (d. Michael Ritchie)Days of Heaven (d. Terrence Malick)Silent Movie (d. Mel Brooks)The Missouri Breaks (d. Arthur Penn)The Elephant Man (d. David Lynch)The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (d. Gilbert Moses)The Sunshine Boys (d. Herbert Ross)Capricorn One (d. Peter Hyams)Scarface

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Rund 1500 Euro pro Nase in Deutschland für Digitalprodukte
In Deutschland wird für Computer, Smartphones und andere Produkte der Digitalbranche deutlich weniger Geld als in den USA ausgegeben.
EU-Staaten wollen begrenzte Roaming-Gebühren weiter erlauben
 - Die EU-Staaten wollen die Roaming-Gebühren für mobiles Telefonieren und Surfen im Ausland mit Einschränkungen vorerst weiter erlauben. Darauf haben sich die Vertreter der 28 Länder in Brüssel verständigt.
Schwachstelle bei Verschlüsselung auf Apple- und Android-Geräten
Sicherheitsforscher haben eine seit Jahren vorhandene Schwachstelle in der Verschlüsselung beim Internet-Surfen mit dem Safari-Browser von Apple sowie Smartphones mit dem Google-System Android entdeckt.
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