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Comic for 2017.12.16
New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
Row over ‘smell the sausage’ police searches

A dispute has broken out over advice given to police in England and Wales telling them not to stop and search people because they smell of sausages.  The advice says officers should look at other factors like behavior, concealed sausage-shapes in the trouser-region or whether the suspect is in possession of gravy granules.

But some officers, including some big ones that looked quite hungry, said they disagreed.   The College of Policing said it plans to review the evidence with some mash.

Currently, police officers can use stop-and-search powers if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect someone is carrying items such as drugs, weapons or delicious processed offal wrapped tightly in anus piping.

Last year, they were given new guidance by that the smell of sausages on its own would not normally justify stopping and searching someone or their vehicle.  It would also need to be a while since breakfast, quite a wait until lunch, or if they had just seized some mustard and bread rolls.

Chief Inspector David Porcini said that while his officers were adept at sniffing out pork products, it was sometimes culturally insensitive to search on this basis:  ‘In my experience, it’s very unlikely that young Muslims will be carrying bangers, for instance.  Mores the pity, these finger rolls are on their sell-by date.’


Jack Black Does the Polka in “THE POLKA KING” Trailer

Click now to see Jack Black Doing the Polka in “THE POLKA KING” Trailer

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Not to be a downer, but the world is kinda crappy right now. Whether it be social or political, there’s always something to be outraged by, something to feel victim to, or things, in general, to be stressed out by. I thank the people who put themselves out there and try to make others laugh. I never understood why some people hold some seething hatred for some actors or comedians out there because they “aren’t funny”. Jack Black is one of those people who does his best to bring more joy into the world, and he does it in his own style, this time in his new movie: "THE POLKA KING".

Netflix seems to be greenlighting a lot of original movies to be made right now, and I’m liking it. “THE POLKA KING” actually looks more normal than some of the other things that have come out or are about to come out, like “Bright”. “THE POLKA KING” premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017. Jenny Slate, Jackie Weaver, and Jason Schwartzman join Jack Black in starring roles.
“The Polka King is based on the Joshua Brown and John Mikulak's documentary The Man Who Would Be Polka King, about the rise and fall of Jan Lewan, a Pennsylvania polka sensation who seduced his fans into investing in a Ponzi scheme.”
The premise sounds great. Check out the trailer!

“THE POLKA KING” will be up for streaming on Netflix January 12th, 2018. Looking forward to it!
~Big Eyes

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Precious Roy with some reaction to the latest trailer for INSIDIOUS 4: THE LAST KEY!

Click now! Precious Roy with some reaction to the latest trailer for INSIDIOUS 4: THE LAST KEY!

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Precious Roy with some reaction to the latest trailer for INSIDIOUS 4: THE LAST KEY!


Hiya gang, Precious Roy here. I love a good horror film. I watch them often with my best friend, and she and I tend to go for comedy when the scares get crappy. We have been pleasantly surprised by the INSIDIOUS series so far… so news that there’s another Elise movie coming out (a prequel to INSIDIOUS) is welcome.
The trailer feature Elise dealing with a bad spirit troubling her family. Like most of the other films in this series, the trailer makes the most of practical effects over CGI wonkiness.  It’s great work, the way this series finds the horror in the banal, but these trailers tend to forecast the jump-scares and ruin the shock these James Wan films are some brilliant at creating (Wan is producing this one; Adam Robitel directed from Leigh Whannell’s script).
I much prefer the older trailer below, which doesn’t bother to introduce the character we already know, it just opens cold with a really horrific moment as a teenager finds her voice locked away by what must be a demon:

I’m Precious Roy, and that’s my courageous story!

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Preview YouTube video Insidious: The Last Key - In Theaters January 5 (TV Spot - Big Whistle) (HD)



Insidious: The Last Key - In Theaters January 5 (TV Spot - Big Whistle) (HD)

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