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Trump rumored to want Bill Clinton as Vice President
As if this election year had not been wild enough, rumors have started flying that Donald Trump could pick Bill Clinton to be his running mate in November. The rumors started not long after Trump all but clinched the Republican nomination. Of...
Bathroom Debate Ends with a Thud
Washington (SAPP) - In a strange twist of fate, the bathroom debate has come to a screeching halt. The U.S. EPA, an unlikely actor in this political saga, has settled the issue once and for all. In a blistering beat-down of the political Left and Rig...
Trump: "Only Rich People Should Be Allowed To Play Golf
Only rich people should be allowed to play golf," said Donald trump, real-estate magnate, tycoon, impresario of the rich, international icon and now - of course - political contender for the presidency of our great country. More specifically, h...
Brexit moving quickly toward nexit, hexit, and feckit as financiers scramble for the too big to fail handbook
Brexit's financial fall out explained in brief is the monkey lost his stash out of his jungle nest and let out a moan fit to get everybody's teeth grinding. It is unfortunate, of course, when the clientele suddenly disappears and all that potentia...
Dark Horse: Donald Trump is not one of us
Manchuria (SAPP) - The Society of Dark Horses (SoDaHo) has announced in a press release that Donald Trump is not one of them. The secret society, known for its yearly festival in Manchuria known as Burning Horse, has claimed that it has no record of...
Trump Defends Trump University as "Most Loved College Ever
New York, NY Donald Trump defended his latest debacle, Trump University, which he is in the process of going to court to defend the "university" of fraud and other charges. The latest from the maelstrom is that teachers and administrators coerced...
Trump Picks Yeti as his Running Mate
Donald Trump has announced today his presidential running mate will be none other than Yeti, the abominable snowman who hails from Alaska. The proclamation stunned political pundits who were certain Trump's running mate was going to be Ronald McDona...
Studie sieht „Internet-Optimismus“ in Deutschland
Immer mehr Menschen in Deutschland können sich ein Leben ohne Internet nicht mehr vorstellen. „Das Internet ist in der Mitte der Gesellschaft angekommen“ - das ist die Kernaussage einer aktuellen Studie des Deutschen Instituts für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet (DIVSI).
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