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OafCon 2017 spotlight: Jerry Bennett

Matthew Price

Jerry Bennett is the highlighted artist in this OafCon spotlight.

The Oklahoma City artist has worked on a number of locally produced comics, including the sci-fi adventure "Nadir' s Zenith" with Jackson Compton.

"Nadir's Zenith" features a world of space-travel and corporations as governments.

Bennett has created shirt designs for Marvel, Lucasfilm and many more, and crafted an exclusive print for The Stan Lee Foundation.

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Chaos Computer Club kritisiert WPA2-Warnung als „überzogen“
Der Appell des Bundesamtes für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, wegen einer Sicherheitslücke im WLAN-Protokoll WPA2 keine Bankgeschäfte mehr über ein drahtloses Netzwerk zu tätigen, ist bei Experten auf Kritik gestoßen.
Gaming Tip
Gaming Tip Personally, I would much rather have a bologna with Swiss cheese sandwich. I cannot honestly recall ever seeing a bologna sandwich inside a video game. Tons of turkey, no bologna.

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Harvey Weinstein apologises for James Corden

Having experienced some PR turbulence in recent days, Mr. Weinstein’s lawyer said: ‘While my client strongly repudiates any allegation of sexual misconduct, he would like to distance himself from any suggestion that he finds Mr. Corden funny. The disgraced movie mogul made it very clear that being a serial sex predator, could not excuse karaoke with James Corden.

One actress, who refused to be named, admitted: ‘No woman should ever experience James Corden in the work place. It’s also wrong to victim-shame those who have been exposed to Corden’s buffoonery. They did nothing to encourage or deserve his career. Watching James Corden is not a consensual experience’

Hounded by accusations of abuse, Mr. Weinstein has discovered that rock bottom is not a prison sentence but is a comedic association with Mr. Corden. Recently featuring in a series of Corden ‘jokes’, Mr. Weinstein has ironically discovered what it is like to be abused by an unwelcome pr$k.


1102: For the Duration
Six year-old maths whizz demands greater transparency on household finances

Henry Willis, a 6 year-old pupil at Tunbridge Primary in Kent, has become increasingly agitated about his long-term financial security. In a heated discussion with parents, Geoff and Lynn, about family net worth, he was infuriated to learn that additional savings were not being offset to generate lower mortgage interest repayments. After unearthing a significant number of poor financial decisions, he has insisted that all future investment strategies are to be signed off by him.

In addition, Henry’s counsel on meaningful diversification has continued to fall on his fathers’ deaf ears. His attempts to explain the amazing power of compound interest to his mother remain hopelessly unfulfilled. The most vexing problem of all, however, persists in the ceramic piggy bank on his shelf whose value can be crushed by inflation.

He spoke to Newsbiscuit, “I told Dad that we should forgo the US summer trip to Disneyworld and instead take the tent to Skegness, using the savings to pay down our most expensive unsecured debt. But he refused to negotiate, and Mum had tears in her eyes. Mickey and Minnie are going to bleed this family dry. Is the Magic Kingdom available for squatters when our house is repossessed? Will Goofy ensure my junior ISA is maximised in the next tax year? My parents live in cloud cuckoo land.”

More and more parents are presently seeking independent financial advice from their children. Some mums and dads have become accustomed to asking their offspring for mathematical assistance in calculating a percentage tip. Their sophisticated little ones are also now demanding pocket money via standing order so that payments are regular and on time. Finally, a young girl from Sussex has stipulated that her weekly £5 allowance should track the FTSE 100, permitting a more aggressive risk-return profile.


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