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Rugby World Cup ‘technically still going on’
The English have admitted that, according the strictest interpretation of the rules, the Rugby World Cup is still in progress.
This Week's SATURDAY SHORTS: Samurai, Dystopian Futures, and Creatures Galore!

Bobby & The Samurai, The Pale Moonlight, Sector Zero 4, Singularity, Valentine Surprise

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with this week's selection of fun films I think you folks will enjoy. My goal each week is to showcase new talents from all over the globe, bringing them into your homes for you to watch at your leisure, something new that Netflix can't give you. With technology getting cheaper and cheaper, it's so incredibly cool to see all the different visions out there, different angles on the same basic stories that are ingrained in us all. The more people who create, the more badass stories we get - I love that. You could totally say "Sure, but then you also get a heaping serving of terrible films!" I look at movies I don't dig as filmmakers in progress, people who've not yet unlocked what they are capable of. So yeah, I eagerly await new films each time I open my email, each time with a hope of finding something special, something unique that I can share with you all. This week I've got an incredible lineup that encompasses the spirit of SATURDAY SHORTS and reminds me why week after week I'm drawn back to sitting at a computer and doing what I can to showcase incredible talent. I'm totally aware that my tastes are slightly unique and each week might not align with what you're into, but if you walk away having enjoyed something you might not have otherwise - then it's all worth it.
Go grab yourself some popcorn, lock your kids in

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Volkswagen say VW Beetle with mind of its own, is not indicative of a design flaw
'just a bit temperamental'German car manufacturer Volkswagen has maintained that the behaviour of Herbie, a white Volkswagen racing Beetle, should not be considered symptomatic of a design flaw. The company maintains that none of their other Beetle’s engage in behaviour like squirting oil or opening their own doors.
Bake Off’s Nadiya breaks Daily Mail headline generator
The casual racism robot that automatically produces the Daily Mail's headlines has been rendered inoperable after Bangladeshi Muslim Nadiya Hussain triumphed in the final of The Great British Bake Off.
Hard Work
Hard Work My thumbs might get a little sore after playing video games for a long period of time, but that's about it.

You know what does tire me out after a while, though? Binge watching subtitled anime. My eyes constantly jumping back and further between reading the dialog and watching the content on the screen. It can get a little tiring after a bit.

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Dell will Speicher-Firma EMC schlucken
Der PC-Hersteller Dell will die Speicher-Firma EMC schlucken. Das US-Unternehmen bietet 33 Dollar je Anteilsschein.
Olympia 2020 stellt japanische Hightech-Wirtschaft auf die Probe
Ein ultra-schnelles Mobilfunknetz der 5. Generation für die Olympischen Sommerspiele 2020, Live-Übertragungen mit super-scharfen TV-Bildern aus den Olympia-Stadien im 8K-Format, selbstfahrende Taxis für Sportler und Gäste.
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