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Mobilfunkbranche strebt weltweite Standards für 5G an
Das nächste Mobilfunk-Generation 5G soll auf weltweiten Standards beruhen. Dafür sprachen sich die Teilnehmer der Konferenz 5G Summit in Dresden aus.
Chinese rented sex dolls get "Chop Sued!
A Chinese company that produced rental sex dolls for frustrated Chinese males waiting for their knackered wives to come home after working 12 hour shifts in local Beijing factories has been closed because the sex dolls were too sexy! It seems that...
A Desperate Ghost Town, N.J., Mayor asks an old friend for an ambulance-chasing, lawyering job
Ghost Town, N.J., Mayor Martin Forrest Thwaite knew that within just months, he would most likely be out of a job. He was defeated in the last election by a landslide. So he did what any guy with a valid law degree would do - he struck out to get a j...
The trouble with people nowadays is....
Last week marked the zenith in Hillary Clinton's emergence from the Chappaqua woods in upstate New York, where she had been living in the forest after the election like some majestic woodland creature, only occasionally appearing in some adoring fan'...
Explore Louisiana? Why?
Ignoring common sense and the United State constitution, President Thomas Jefferson recently diverted 15 million of your hard-earned tax dollars to buy less than a million square miles of uninhabitable desert, unplowable arid plains and impenetrable...
Giant US toy retailer buys up Chinese sex toy stock to avoid bankruptcy!
It seems the retail toy world is in turmoil after a giant toy retailer announced it was bankrupt in the US and Canada and cannot compete with internet rivals that swim up the Amazon and Target other Wally Martyrs! So, after hearing that China has...
Aung San Suu Kyi: Good guy, bad guy or Burmese rhyming slang?

Confused by Aung San flitting between winning a Nobel Prize and killing everyone? Torn between admiration for her previous fights against military rule, and condemnation for her current refusal to condemn army attacks? Never fear. As always Newsbiscuit has provided the definitive facts to clear up this quagmire of truth.

1) Contrary to popular opinion she is not a ‘guy’. She is not Burt Kwouk.

2) She spent 21 years under House Arrest but has so far refused to go on Celebrity Big Brother.

3) Aung San Suu Kyi are coincidentally the individual names of Burma’s Teletubbies.

4) Despite fears of ethnic cleansing, Aung San is still a more popular Nobel winner than Bob Dylan – who is a real pr*ck.

5) In 2007 she won the Congressional Gold Medal for beating Newt Gingrich over the 110m hurdles.

6) She hates the new Great British Bakeoff and has not enjoyed anything Noel Fielding has done since ‘The Mighty Boosh’.

7) How bad does sh*t have to get for you to flee to Bangladesh? It’s like holidaying in Skegness.

8) Suu Kyi controversially took the kettle off, despite Polly and the UN telling her not to.

9) £10 says you did not know who the Rohingya were before the start of the month. £20 says you won’t care by next month.

10) She is the only world leader to have lost the roof of her house to a cyclone called Nargis in 2008. Evidently your thoughts and prayers weren’t intense enough that time. That’s pretty callous of you, since she wasn’t even allowed out of the house at the time. You b*stards.

11) Her favourite Beatle was George, for aught anyone knows.

12) Human rights groups are calling for displaced Rohingya Muslims to be allowed to settle in the US, just to see the look on Trump’s face.

13) Boris Johnson has revealed that he doesn’t like Aung San Suu Kyi, he’s more of an Earl Grey man.

14) And that isn’t a flower behind her ear, it’s just a really crap hearing aid.

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Comic [1493] "Failure to pants
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1493
‘Cars’ Characters in Car-stume for Haul-O-Ween During Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort
Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is expanding into Disney California Adventure park, bringing the first-ever Haul-O-Ween in Cars Land. The residents of Radiator Springs are getting into the spirit, decorating each of their establishments and even donning their own car-stumes! Lightning McQueen is already a super hero to race fans, and his car-stume reflects that. […]
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