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Trump Issues Warning to Santa Claus
Trump Tower, New York, NY President-elect Donald Trump issued a stern warning to Santa Claus in some late-night tweets early this morning. "Just who IS this guy that everyone just lets into their homes every year? I never saw him! And don't give m...
Trump Plans to Declare "Mega Bigly War" With China and Russia
Last night, the president-elect announced from Trump Headquarters that there was going to be a "mega bigly war" on two of the biggest world powers. He said that it is "time to show them who's boss." Mr Trump's speech is as follows: "Look, America,...
Dr. Gordz; Gleep-Glorp & Lasertag; Mindgame; Quad Diamond; From Below; Killer Queen

Dr. Gordz; Gleep-Glorp & Lasertag; Mindgame; Quad Diamond; From Below; Killer Queen

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with this week's lovely lineup of solid shorts from badass filmmakers from all across the globe. I certainly hope you're in the mood for a handful of cartoons, slightly twisted cartoons to be exact. We've got a few animated beauties, as well as some tales of terror! I find each short below charming, each in their own unique way, so hopefully you do as well. SATURDAY SHORTS is a pretty simple concept, to showcase the work of artists of all walks of life for movie lovers. If you're a filmmaker or just a person who enjoys visual vacations, this entire column (and everyone before it) is for you. If you see a film below that you like - then share it, share your thoughts in the Talkbacks, and Tweet the thing. I'm not saying "Tweet this article," so much as "support the filmmaker by spreading their film to as many folks as you see fit." Each film that's ever played here was and is the direct result of a person with an imagination and a need to create. This column doesn't run on the ideas filmmakers keep to themselves, but on the ones they push into existence and care to share with the world. Submissions ebb and flow, with significant bumps around pretty much every holiday (go figure), but each time I open my AICN email - I truly have no idea what I'm in for. Occasionally I'll hear from filmmakers who have had

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Today in GPF History for Sunday, January 22, 2017
Fooker's first smartphone brings him trouble when he discovers he has no data plan...
The Women's Marches for Equality.
Dry Bones,America,Trump, presidency, Women's rights,never Trump,Islamic states, female genital mutilation,Massive marches by women to protest the denial of basic human rights and equality for women? So why are they not protesting female genital mutilation, the oppression of women in Islamic States, etc.?
Joe Biden still at large in White House

Pest control has confirmed that former Vice President Joe Biden is trapped underneath the floorboards of the West Wing and is refusing to be lured out, even with lucrative offers from the private sector and lifetime supply of cheese whiz. As his term drew to a close, friends confirmed that Biden had become increasingly skittish, reverting to a feral democratic state.

Biden is not the first VP to remain in The White House. A naked Dan Quayle can still be glimpsed furtively running around South Lawn, foraging for berries, while Dick Cheney still endures in silver chains in the Situation Room, regularly fed raw Panda meat and infants’ tears. President Trump has ordered that Biden be captured and sent to an ‘inappropriate-petting’ zoo but Biden has vowed that he can survive on insects and memories of happier times for the entire length of a Trump Presidency or for up to five weeks, whichever is the longer.



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Hey everyone. Capone in Park City, Utah at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival—my third in a row. I’ll try to dish out a couple of reviews every day I’m here (weather permitting--fingers crossed) and then get the rest out once I get back to Chicago. So let’s get started without further delay… AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER Deliberately so, I’m guessing, Sundance kicked off the festival screenings with a documentary about the continuing impact of global warming and the efforts that have been made and advanced by former Vice President Al Gore since the doc AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH came out 10 years ago. And it turns out Gore has barely taken a break in his efforts to get the nations of the world (including the very stubborn United States) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the near future and beyond. I say the timing of the screening seemed intentional because it was the day before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president (the film also screened publicly a second time on Inauguration Day, pretty much driving home the point), and he has threatened to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, singed in early 2016, dealing with global greenhouse emissions and set to pick in beginning in 2020. One of AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL’s most humbling moments comes in one of its last moments when Gore is watching the election results in November, and you can see the mild panic in his eyes as he wonders if he’s

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Comic for January 22, 2017
Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com.
Remy Onboard Disney Cruise Line Takes Spotlight with Porthole Cruise Magazine Award
I want to share some exciting news about Remy, our French-inspired fine dining restaurant onboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Porthole Cruise Magazine just honored Remy with its 2017 Editor-in-Chief Award for Best Specialty Restaurant. These awards recognize the magazine Editor-in-Chief Bill Panoff’s “favorite travel experiences” that left “amazing impressions in terms of service, […]
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