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I have 200 or 250 pairs of trainers: meet the men who are hopeless repeat fashion buyers

It starts innocently enough: you buy a pair of trainers (or a cap, or a printed shirt) and the next minute your wardrobes stuffed with them. Here are the men who know what they like and are sticking with it

I have never thought of myself as a collector, but what the eye likes, the hand grabs over and over, as it turns out, and now my wardrobe looks like an ageing mobsters capsule collection. I have about 30 shirts. Some are vintage finds (Mint in north London and Stella Dallas in Brooklyn are great) and some are new (Lazy Oaf and Goodhood are favourite labels).

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A photograph seen once, long ago, haunted me and taught me to distrust memory
When I tracked down a Nazi soldiers snapshot of an execution, it reminded me how warily you must tread when you try to enlist the past, however good your intentions

I have been working off and on for a couple of years with an architect friend, Declan Hill, on an attempt to map the wall or rampart that in the 17th century surrounded the town of Belfast or, at least, may have surrounded it. There is some debate about whether maps of the time show an existing structure or sketches for work never carried out. Declan and I meet occasionally to look at places where we think the old town plan intersects with, and occasionally contradicts, the modern city grid. One day a column in Argos on Corn Market, the next, a staircase in the Linen Hall Library.

Our thesis is that, even when all physical trace is gone, walls persist. Not altogether original, you might say, but in Belfast, where peace walls remain an all too visible fact, it is pertinent to Declans mind and mine. Our hope is that we can collaborate with an architectural institute in Berlin. Not altogether surprising, you might also say, but Berlin is a city to which we both feel bound by something more than bricks and mortar.

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Luis Suárez: me and my big mouth

Banned from playing football since the World Cup, Luis Suárez is finally set to make his debut for Barcelona against Real Madrid in the first El Clasico of the season. Is the worlds most thrilling (and volatile) striker a reformed man? Simon Hattenstone tries to stay on his right side

Luis Suárez is squinting into the Spanish midday sun. We are sitting by the side of a pitch at Barcelonas training ground, and he is talking movingly about his relationship with his wife, Sofi, the humility of his new team-mates at Barcelona, the Monopoly games he enjoyed with the players back at Liverpool. And the more he talks, the more Im thinking, can this be the same man who sank his fangsinto Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup? He speaks quietly, with a sweet if monotonous intensity, and still theres this nagging question.

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It was Reeva's bad luck she met him, sooner or later he would have killed someone': Reeva Steenkamp's parents attack 'gun-toting and trigger-happy ' Oscar Pistorius for killing their daughter
June and Barry Steenkamp said justice for their daughter Reeva, 29, has not been served as Oscar Pistorius, known as the 'Blade Runner', could be out in 10 months.
NHS boob job model Josie Cunningham to bid to buy Katie Price's silicone implants - and says she will even pay for them herself
Mother-of-three Josie Cunningham, 24, from Leeds, said she would bid on Katie Price's implants if they go up for sale because she wants the ‘most famous’ boobs in the country, after her own.
Paul Gascoigne sectioned and placed on three day emergency detox after latest alcohol binge
The 47-year-old was rushed to hospital at 3am yesterday morning after police were called to his home in Poole, Dorset. He was medically assessed just hours before but his condition had worsened.
Australian youth in Isis video a victim of 'brutal betrayal of his own religion

Scott Morrison spoke of the terribly sad and tragic tale of the Sydney teenager at National Mosque Open Day in Lakemba

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Rapist footballer Ched Evans' old club Sheffield United 'split over whether to re-sign disgraced £3million striker' 
Sheffield United last week denied rumours Ched Evans was set to be offered a new two-year contract worth £500,000 - but admitted they were continuing to 'deliberate' on a decision.
Could Scotland get its own time zone? Campaign to move UK to Central European time could see clocks tick an hour behind north of the border under devolved powers 
Campaigners have called for the UK to move to Central European Time to prevent deaths on the road, but Scotland could stay put if it is allowed to set its own time zone after further devolution.
Baby tragedy for Australian woman who went into labour on Malaysia Airlines flight after she loses her child after emergency stop in Bali 
A Malaysia Airlines flight was forced into an emergency landing in Bali, when an Australian woman went into labour. The woman was rushed to a hospital in Denpasar but the baby did not survive.
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