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MicroScope: November 2014
Just what are the current opportunities around wireless networking for resellers? Are Christmas parties back on the channel calendar? What are the first impressions of Windows 10? All of these questions are answered in the latest MicroScope ezine.E-Zine
Do men really need to feel the pain of childbirth to empathise with women?
Empathy is all very well, but delivering electric shocks doesn’t necessarily help fathers understand what labour is like

Friday’s news features a set of brilliantly daft pictures from a Chinese hospital that is offering men the opportunity to experience the pain of childbirth.

The labour-simulating device (which sounds like a supercharged version of those useless abdominal toners sold to optimistic couch potatoes on shopping channels in the 1990s) delivers electric shocks via a set of electrodes placed above the abdomen; the pain apparently registers on a rising scale from mild discomfort to “it felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped out”, according to one, not overwhelmingly stoic, guinea pig.

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HSBC Swiss private banking arm faces tax investigation
French magistrates examining whether the bank helped wealthy clients avoid a new tax, the European Union Savings Directive

French judges have put the Swiss branch of HSBC under official investigation over allegations that Britain’s biggest bank helped wealthy clients avoid taxes.

It was revealed on Friday that the unit had been mise en examen, the equivalent of being charged, for “illicit financial and banking practices”. The move comes as yet another blow to the international bank just days after it faced charges of fraud and money laundering from the Belgium authorities and, in a separate case, was hit with almost £400m in fines for allowing traders to rig foreign exchange markets, along with five other banks.

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Sheffield United chief ‘angry and upset’ over Ched Evans treatment
Club retract training offer following public outcry
• EVans had been using club facilities frollowing prison release
• ‘I’m upset that we are not able to do what we wanted to do’

Sheffield United co-chairman Jim Phipps is “angry and upset” that the club have been forced to retract their offer to allow convicted rapist Ched Evans to train with the Blades.

The League One club were asked by the Professional Footballers’ Association last week to let their former striker use the club’s facilities in order to aid his rehabilitation following his release from prison last month.

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Go on, Theresa, surprise us with your Desert Island Discs
Most politicians opt to play it safe and choose something predictable, so what will the home secretary pick on Sunday

Will Theresa May toe party line on Desert Island Discs?

Politics must deal with the world as it is. Music imagines the world as it might be. Unlike some of their more intellectually self-confident continental counterparts, pragmatically inclined British politicians are naturally more at home with the former than the latter.

Ever sensitive to the brutality and philistinism of the British press, it is also little surprise that most British politicians view an invitation to appear on Desert Island Discs as an irresistible honour but also as something of a minefield.

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Go on, Theresa, surprise us with your Desert Island Discs
Most politicians opt to play it safe and choose something predictable, so what will the home secretary pick on Sunday

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Dounreay nuclear plant fire led to ‘unauthorised’ radioactivity release
Investigation identifies ‘unacceptable practices by staff’ relating to 7 October fire at site being decommissioned Continue reading...

Do you know how much your impulse buys cost? -
The odd takeaway coffee, or the occasional splurge on the latest game release, may not seem to lighten your wallet too much at the time, but over the course of your lifetime, all these odds and ends can add up to a rather eye-watering sum.
Pirate Joe's, the Vancouver store that resells Trader Joe's goods – in pictures

Michael Hallatt has run Pirate Joe’s for three years now, bringing Trader Joe’s goods across the border to be resold to visitors to his Vancouver storefront. Here, a look inside the legal operation

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Obama runs back to the White House before Las Vegas trip – because he forgot his BlackBerry

Fresh off his evening’s speech on immigration, Barack Obama headed to Las Vegas on Friday morning to speak in front of a campaign-like crowd to mark his policy changes. The morning was not without its hiccups, as the president departed, then returned, then departed again

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