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Ultimate wearable tech: NASA using 3D printing to design Mars spacesuit
Astronauts will benefit from the use of 3D printing in the new Z-series spacesuit created for survival on Mars.
A Survey on Load Balancing Techniques Using ACO Algorithm
Cloud computing is a new generation solution for storage and computation, which provide the efficient data transfer, scientific calculations and end user services. For providing th...
Lotus Notes Recovery
This sub is for vehicles manufactured by Lotus. If I could help you though, I would, but really don't know what to do in that situation. Reinstall? Or to try to restore by means of...
Ericsson dumps LTE modem business

Full-featured, integrated chips and tough competition have forced telecom vendor Ericsson to halt all future development of its LTE modems.

The move comes just over a year after Ericsson took over the LTE modem operations of its joint venture with STMicroelectronics as that relationship broke up. Since then, modems have moved from being a separate component to becoming integrated with the main processor on smartphones and tablets, a development that signals the end of making a living by selling separate chipsets.

In addition, strong competition and an accelerating pace of development has made the modem business unsustainable, according to Ericsson. The company will still deliver the M7450 to customers. The multi-mode modem supports speeds at up to 150Mbps and more than 20 radio bands.

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Network Assistance
Hello Everyone, Im an IT guy but not focused really on networking and here is my scenario.. I have a Cisco ISA550 security router that is DHCP server enabled on LAN. I am experien...
A Wireless LAN Protocol for Initial Access Authentication
Now-a-days there is widespread use of WLAN enabled devices, so it is equally important to have efficient initial link setup mechanism. In this paper a fast access authentication pr...
FCC looks to upgrade IT as net neutrality comments clog system
FCC CIO David Bray talks about the challenges of updating the agency's IT infrastructure, which has been challenged to ingest more than three million comments about net neutrality.
Performance Evaluation of WDM-RoF System Based on CO-OFDM using Dispersion Compensation Technique
In this paper, the authors presented a system design that integrates Coherent-Optical-Orthogonal-Frequency-Division Multiplexing (CO-OFDM) with Wavelength-Division Multiplexing - R...
Wavelength Assignment in Optical WDM Optical Network
In this paper, the authors analyze the wavelength assignment problem in case of WDM optical networks. The random wavelength assignment algorithm is compared with the first - fit wa...
Apple iPhone: Which one is right for you?
Jesus Vigo compares the different features of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5S to find which one is right for you.
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