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Alternation Relationships Regarding Architecture for Dense Multiplexing, Reconfigurable Systems and Based on Wavelength Division, Design, and Simulation of ROADM-Based DWDM
The optical technical advancements currently provide the possibility for building the reconfigurable wavelength practical networks. These networks employ wavelength switching struc...
FCC's Wheeler said to mull hybrid approach to net neutrality

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission appears set to reclassify broadband so that it comes under the agency’s authority, but without explicitly prohibiting special access deals between broadband and content companies, according to a news report.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is mulling this hybrid answer to the knotty “net neutrality” issue, and his proposal would still require a vote of the full five-member commission, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. Broadband providers may also challenge in court the move to give the FCC more authority.

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Reengineering GSM/GPRS Towards a Dedicated Network for Massive Smart Metering
GSM is a synonym for a major success in wireless technology, achieving widespread use and high technology maturity. However, its future is questionable, as many stakeholders indica...
Revealing Apple's top 10 market risks
In its annual financial report, Apple lists all the potential threats to its future success. Jordan takes a close look at the top 10.
QoE-Based Scheduling Algorithm in WiMAX Network using Manhattan Grid Mobility Model
WiMAX (acronym for Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access) is a family of technical standards based on IEEE 802.16 standard that defines the high speed connection through ...
Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

Andy Rubin, the engineer who developed Google’s Android OS and was lately in charge of its robotics efforts, is leaving the company, Google confirmed Thursday.

Rubin cofounded a company called Android, which Google acquired in 2005 for its mobile OS. Android has gone on to become the world’s most widely used mobile operating system.

Last year, though, Rubin was moved off the Android team and put in charge of Google’s robotics projects. His work was taken over by Sundar Pichai, who now leads Google’s Android, Chrome and other products.

The reasons for Rubin’s departure weren’t clear, though it had something to do with the structure of his team at Google, according to a report on tech news site The Information.

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Zuckerberg to connect with regular folk in first 'community Q&A

If you’ve always wondered if Mark Zuckerberg has a favorite hoodie, or a favorite programming language, now’s your chance to find out.

Facebook’s chief will host his first community Q&A next Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern, giving the public a chance to ask any questions they might have for him.

The event will be livestreamed and last about an hour. It expands on the internal Q&A sessions that Zuckerberg holds each Friday with Facebook employees.

The event is structured similar to an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit, but could draw considerably more attention given that it involves the CEO of one of the most used services on the Internet.

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Facebook's Internet.org app launches in East Africa

Facebook is broadening the scope of its Internet.org initiative in Africa, launching its app for the program in the East African country of Tanzania.

In July, Facebook launched its Internet.org app in the Southern African country of Zambia.

Tanzanian mobile phone operator Tigo has announced that it is offering customers an opportunity to buy low-cost smartphones for them to be able to access the Internet.org app.

Facebook and other tech companies launched Internet.org last year as a project to make the Internet accessible to people in emerging markets. Facebook has been working with local telecom providers to roll out Internet.org apps free, with options to upgrade to paid services.

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How Google and Mozilla are aiming to make web apps shine offline
A look at how building offline functionality into web apps could soon become a lot easier using Service Workers.
5 data center startups to watch
For many companies, the data center is the technical heart of their operations. Here are five startups that are disrupting the data center.
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