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Pro tip: Setting up Contacts and Calendar services in OS X Server
Jesus Vigo explains how to setup the Contacts and Calendar services on Apple's OS X Server.
Research on Impact of Two Levels Switching in a LAN for Cluster Computing
In the past few years, there is a change in the view of high performance applications and parallel computing. The demand of high performance computers is always a hunt for scientis...
The 15 worst startup names of all time
Web startups are notorious for having some of the most ridiculous names out there. Here is our list of the 15 most cringe-worthy startup names.
Systematic Analysis of Crosstalk Noise in Folded-Torus-Based Optical Networks-on-Chip
Photonic devices are widely used in Optical Networks-on-Chip (ONoCs) and suffer from crosstalk noise. The accumulative crosstalk noise in large scale ONoCs diminishes the Signal-to...
Fat-Tree-Based Optical Interconnection Networks Under Crosstalk Noise Constraint
Optical Networks-on-Chip (ONoCs) have shown the potential to be substituted for electronic Network-on-Chips (NoCs) to bring substantially higher bandwidth and more efficient power ...
Analysis of a DWDM Transmission System for Multichannel Long Haul Link
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is an optical technology that allows transmitting across a fiber many wavelengths, which can be added and dropped by means of passive ...
Enterprise cloud storage still losing out to Dropbox in the workplace
Employees are more likely to use consumer-grade cloud storage systems rather than enterprise-focused alternatives, according to new data.
India emerges as a hotbed of software product entrepreneurship
Events such as InTech50 are instrumental in India's shift from IT services to software products. InTech50 is a "matchmaking" event, where 50 Indian software product startups pitch ...
10 rideshare apps to crowdsource your commute
Need a ride? Here are 10 useful rideshare apps that want to give you a lift.
'Matchmaking' at InTech50: Indian software product startups pitch to 50 CIOs
India is emerging as a hotbed of software product entrepreneurship. Events such as InTech50 are instrumental in the country's shift from IT services to software products.
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