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When NoSQL may not be right for you
NoSQL interest is booming, but that may not mean it's right for you.
Pro tip: Upgrade Ubuntu to the 4.x kernel
Are you ready to make the jump to the 4.x kernel, even though your distribution of choice isn't? Jack Wallen shows you how to upgrade Ubuntu to the 4.x kernel.
Cisco's pay package for CEO Robbins is a sweet deal

Cisco will pay incoming CEO Chuck Robbins a higher salary than outgoing chief John Chambers made in fiscal 2014.

Robbins will make US$1.15 million in salary in fiscal 2016, which began this week, and he could earn another $2.59 million based on performance under Cisco’s Executive Incentive Plan. Add in as much as $13 million in stock grants, and Robbins could bring in more than $16.7 million for his first year at the helm.

By contrast, Chambers got $1.1 million in salary and a smaller basic percentage bonus under the Executive Incentive Plan in fiscal 2014, according to the company’s proxy statement issued last September. Chambers was a 20-year veteran at the helm of the company and was also chairman of the board. He’s now stepped back to become executive chairman.

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Windows 10 review: Full of promise, but not a must-have just yet
Should you upgrade to what Microsoft has called the last version of Windows?
Facebook aims to launch unmanned drone by year-end

At 140 feet, it has the wingspan of a Boeing 737, but carries no passengers—and it’s much lighter too, weighing in at no more than 1,000 pounds. And within the next couple months, Facebook hopes to get its drone off the ground on an inaugural test flight.

Named Aquila, the aircraft is the product of more than a year’s work at the social networking giant. Its function is not to drop retail items from the clouds like Amazon’s drones, but to provide Internet access to the hundreds of millions of people who don’t have it in under-served parts of the world. Facebook aims to partner with carriers and other companies to provide connectivity, potentially at a lower cost than typical infrastructure like cell phone towers.

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Improved General Self Cuckoo Search based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
WSNs have become major area of research in computational theory due to its wide range of applications. But due to limited battery power the energy consumption has become major limi...
Survey on Orthogonal Dimensions of Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) continue to grow and become widely used in many applications in military, ecological, home automation and health-related areas. Due to distributed n...
Google rejects French request to expand right to be forgotten

Google won’t comply with an order from France’s privacy watchdog group to apply the right to be forgotten to all its search results around the world.

In June, CNIL, France’s data protection authority, ordered Google to remove search results meeting “right to be forgotten” criteria from any regional version of Google’s search engine. However, granting CNIL’s request could have a “serious chilling effect on the web,” Google said Thursday in a blog post.

The request stems from May 2014 decision issued by the European Court of Justice that allows Europeans to ask search engines in the region to scrub results that contain information about them that’s found to be inadequate, irrelevant or not in the public interest. This has been dubbed the right to be forgotten.

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Performance Analysis for Channel Utilization in Wireless LAN
Wireless network plays an important role in field of communication. Now-a-days, people are always eager to access the data at any time of moment. The wireless network allows to acc...
Download a Trial of IP Address Manager
Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your IP space?The explosion of IP-enabled devices in corporate networks has increased the complexity of IP space management beyond wh...
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