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A portrait of the modern cloud developer
Nick Hardiman lists the systems, languages, and methodologies modern cloud developers use, and identifies what sets them apart the most from developers of the past.
Implementation of Energy Efficient Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless sensor networks are appealing to researchers due to their wide range of application potential in areas such as target detection and tracking, environmental monitoring, ind...
Flash goes beyond storage with these performance enhancements in the data center
Enterprise storage isn't the only area in the data center to benefit from flash. Read about flash solutions that go beyond network storage.
Dynamic Load Balancing For Cloud Computing Using Heuristic Data and Load on Server
Cloud computing is emerging trend in information technology community. Cloud resources are delivered to cloud users based on the requirements. Because of the services provided by c...
Dynamic Method for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
The state-of-art of the technology focuses on data processing and sharing to deal with huge amount of data and client's needs. Cloud computing is a promising technology, which enab...
Can tech help prevent violence against women? These tools say 'yes'
Technology can't stop violence against women, but it can change how we raise awareness about it and help prevent it.
A look behind the curtain: Interview with Android app maker Catalina Group
Jack Wallen puts an Android developer on the hot seat and receives some very enlightening responses. If you've ever considered developing for Android, this is a must-read.
Enforce Mac storage device encryption with EndPoint Protector 4
Erik Eckel takes a look at Endpoint Protector 4, which helps Mac users and administrators force encryption use on USB flash drives and other portable storage media.
Five file managers to empower your Android smartphone
Looking for an Android file manager with enough power and flexibility to tackle your tasks? Here are five tools that will most likely meet -- or exceed -- your needs.
Tyche: An Efficient Ethernet-Based Protocol for Converged Networked Storage
Current technology trends for efficient use of infrastructures dictate that storage converges with computation by placing storage devices, such as NVM-based cards and drives, in th...
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