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DOE staffer claims retaliation over photos of secret meeting
A former photographer at the Energy Department says he lost his job in retaliation for making public photos of a meeting between Secretary Rick Perry and coal baron Bob Murray
Brockton 15-year-old charged with attempted murder in stabbing
Police in Massachusetts say a 15-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing another teenager
Worcester prosecutor facing drunken driving charge
A Massachusetts prosecutor has been suspended without pay after he was arrested for allegedly driving drunk with his 13-year-old daughter in his car
Sununu: Draft transportation plan 'living within our means
Republican Gov. Chris Sununu says his recommended 10-year transportation improvement plan for New Hampshire focuses on preservation, maintenance and safety of existing pavement and bridge infrastructure while "living within our means.
Suspect charged with murder in UPenn student's killing
A former high school classmate of a University of Pennsylvania student found buried in a California park was charged with murder and investigators were looking for evidence of a hate crime
Worcester Cleans Up From Snowstorm, Water Main Break

WORCESTER (CBS) – No school in the Worcester area meant kids were outside perfecting their snowball technique. “And then you throw it at your sister,” yelled 9-year-old Phoebe Forgues, in the midst of a snowball fight.

“It’s not cold out. It’s just snowing,” said high school student Kendril Flanders.

woo Worcester Cleans Up From Snowstorm, Water Main Break

Car slips down snowy Worcester hill (WBZ-TV)

For others, it wasn’t all fun. Cars slipped around on Worcester’s notorious hills. Some drivers had to back down, rather than tackle the impossible climb. “The hills are slippery,” said plow driver Mike Algieri. “Once you plow it, it compacts and gets slippery.”

The freeze, snow, thaw cycle has taken a toll on roads. Some worked hard shoveling, only to find a sheet of ice under the snow they cleared away. “I slipped a little. I was thinking I might be better off to leave the snow on it,” said Pat Pulsifer.

water Worcester Cleans Up From Snowstorm, Water Main Break

Water main break on Tacoma St. in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

On Tacoma Street, an underground water main burst, causing the road to buckle up.

Officials warned as night falls, the snow that melted in the afternoon, would freeze on roads, affecting the evening and morning commutes.

Rare Right Whales Back In Cape Cod Bay

PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – Researchers say they’re encouraged by sightings of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales in Cape Cod Bay.

The Center for Coastal Studies said that during aerial surveillance on Tuesday it only took them a few hours to spot 14 of the rare whales in the bay. The research vessel Ibis found at least one more whale.

right whales 3401 tux and 1706 ccs image2c noaa permit 19315 1 Rare Right Whales Back In Cape Cod Bay

Right whales #3725, an adult male named Tux, and #1706, an adult female born in 1987. CCS image, NOAA permit #19315-1

It’s estimated there are only about 434 North Atlantic right whales in existence.

“This is a terrific start to the season,” Right Whale Ecology program director Charles “Stormy” Mayo said in a statement. “Last year we identified 251 individuals in the Bay between December and May, so we’re excited to see how this year progresses.”

right whale flukes ccs image2c noaa permit 19315 1 Rare Right Whales Back In Cape Cod Bay

Right whale flukes. CCS image, NOAA permit #19315-1

Last year a record number of right whales were seen off Cape Cod. But 17 were found dead compared to only five new recorded births, and experts warn the whales could become extinct by the middle of the century if the trend continues.

The rare whales come to Cape Cod Bay to feed every winter.

Curry says she wasn't surprised by Lauer allegations
Former 'Today' show anchor Ann Curry says she wasn't surprised by the allegations that led to ex-colleague Matt Lauer getting fired
Massachusetts official: Hawaii mistake can't happen here
The director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency says it's unlikely the state would experience a false ballistic missile alarm like the one that caused panic in Hawaii because Massachusetts has "very different" protocols in place
Former President Carter writing book about religious faith
Former President Jimmy Carter is working on a book about his religious faith that he says will tell of how religion has sustained him and what role it plays in society
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