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Belgique - « Politique d'activation des chômeurs », appel du réseau Stop Art. 63§2
En Belgique, la résistance s'organise contre les « mesures d'activation » et la chasse aux chômeurs.
Divers collectifs se sont réunis pour demander l'abrogation de l'article 63§2, partie de l'arrêté royal qui organise le système des allocations de chômage. Cet article a été voté en interne par le gouvernent Di Rupo fin 2011 (sans passage par le Parlement !). Il est entré en application au 1er janvier 2012, mais sans effet rétroactif. C'est pourquoi les premières personnes qui en seront victimes ne le seront qu'au 1er janvier 2015.
Il stipule que désormais les personnes qui bénéficient d'allocations d'insertion ne les toucheront plus, à partir de leur trentième anniversaire, que durant trois ans maximum.
Source: CIP-IDF

[in CIP-IDF]
Tory MP David Ruffley speaks of 'deep regret' over assault
Bury St Edmunds MP apologises for 'inappropriate action' as police caution him over incident involving former partner

A Tory MP has apologised for his "inappropriate action" after being given a police caution for common assault following an incident between him and his former partner.

Former police minister David Ruffley said his partner had accepted his apology for the March incident.

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Deadly battle over Iraq prisoner convoy
Fifty-two prisoners and eight soldiers killed after gunmen attacked convoy in remote area north of Baghdad

Gunmen attacked a prisoner convoy north of Baghdad on Thursday, setting off a battle with troops in which 52 prisoners and eight soldiers were killed, officials said.

The dawn attack began with militants firing mortar rounds on Iraqi army bases in the town of Taji, 12 miles north of Baghdad, where suspects were being held on terrorism charges. Officials evacuated the facilities fearing a jailbreak.

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Witness to a 2-hour Arizona execution: Joseph Wood gasped before he died

Inside the chamber, I counted 660 gulps. The priest's watch counted 117 minutes. The death penalty was not supposed to go like this

Plus: Arizona killer Joseph Wood dies after almost two hours

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Families of abducted girls fight Boko Haram and a supine government

Distraught parents cling to hope, 100 days after Islamist rebels kidnapped nearly 300 of their daughters from a school in Borno state

Samuel Yaga was describing his missing daughters dream of becoming a doctor when the air went from his lungs. One hundred days after Sarah was abducted, the raw emotion still has a tendency to detonate unexpectedly. Could a child who would always fall asleep clutching a book survive so long in the grip of a sect whose opposition to western education has led them to burn schoolchildren alive, he wondered.

It would be better if we had a body to bury, he began, then took a deep, shaky breath.

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Pudsey the Movie is a lame duck - does it spell the end for Simon Cowell, film producer?
The votes, sorry figures, are in: Pudsey has failed to set multiplexes alight. Simon Cowell's movie mogul ambitions may well be over

Mark Kermode's review of Pudsey the Dog: The Movie
I played a sausage in Pudsey the Dog: The Movie

Call off the hunt; send the huskies back to the kennel. We have finally seen it: the limit, the endpoint, the finger on the end of the tentacle, of Simon Cowell's grip on the entertainment industry. It may not be good for much, but Pudsey the Dog: The Movie marks the point at which Cowell's hegemony over all things mass-media abruptly halts; past this beetling shoreline, it's darkness, chaos and dragons.

Why the movie industry has confounded Cowell is a good question. After all, he's stormed the music business, taken TV to the cleaners, and has the media eating out of his hand. Moreover Cowell's corporate entity, Syco Entertainment, is a joint venture with Sony, one of the biggest behemoths at the entertainment-biz table. Presumably working on the assumption that, if Cowell touches it, any old shit will turn to gold, Sony have a right to be baffled as to why his film about a talking dog has failed to set the multiplexes alight.

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Bradley Wiggins: There are times when I wish I hadnt won Tour de France
Wiggins says 2012s rise to fame was hard to handle
It just went mad for a bit it changed everything

Sir Bradley Wiggins has admitted that he has struggled with his rise to household-name status, and said there are times he wishes he had never won Olympic gold or the Tour de France in 2012.

Wiggins, in Glasgow to compete in the team pursuit alongside Ed Clancy, Steven Burke and Andy Tennant for his first Commonwealth Games gold medal, told the BBC: It was nice people saying it changed my life and hearing things like the Wiggo effect; that was a positive.

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Louis van Gaal hails Manchester Uniteds fantastic win in Los Angeles
Manager: The result gives confidence in the new system
Report: LA Galaxy 0-7 Manchester United

Louis van Gaal hailed a fantastic performance after Manchester United hammered LA Galaxy 7-0 in his inaugural match as manager.

Two goals each from Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and the debutant Reece James, plus Danny Welbecks opener, returned an emphatic victory in Uniteds opening game of their summer tour of the US.

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