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Correlation, Causation, Violent Crime and Guns
Perhaps you’ve come across this argument recently: The UK has a higher violent crime rate than the USA. And you know what else they have? Gun control! The argument hinges on a simple pair of coincident facts and a not-too-keen “connection” between them. Basically, the idea is that the violent crime rate is higher in […]
Things I wrote today that were not blog posts
I didn’t time how long it took me to write the following e-mail, but it could not have been more than four minutes. I only wish I could generate words and paragraphs that quickly in my other, for-profit and for-creativity writing endeavors. The only context you need is that I was trading messages with someone […]
Two reasons the general public doesn’t abhor lying
I bring this up because I’m greedy. I’m not intellectually satisfied by Romney’s narrowly losing the election. 48 percent of Americans who voted this cycle chose Romney, and given what a moral-ethical cripple he proved himself to be — not only during his wreck of a campaign but well before it even started — I […]
Bitter know-nothings are fulfilling their obligation…
…to try to make the entire GOP look like a bunch of howling, ignorant screwballs. In the course of looking for a detailed county-by-county election-results map, I happened across a blog called “Give Us Liberty 1776,” which is apparently a reference to the year in which a present-day country the blog creators know little about […]
An archetypal example of spectacularly shitty “research” and even worse reporting
I recently hinted at the fact that surveys are not scientific studies, and should not be treated as sources of useful data when it comes to certain areas of research. I now have a “study” that exemplifies this perfectly. It’s one thing to ask people yes-or-no questions that are hard to fuck up without conscious […]
The Dumbest Man in Congress?
Congressman Louie Gohmert on the Sandy Hook shootings: Is he actually suggesting that the wild west is a great model for a modern, civilized society? This man is about as smart as a box of rocks.
Milking disinformation for all it’s worth
The other day, I got an unsolicited e-mail that read, in part: Our site’s production team recently released a short video uncovering the local and global impact that milk has on our lives. After spending some time on your posts, I noticed you talked about milk and dairy products so I thought I’d email you. […]
Paul Campos and his enablers in the media — a new low
(What follows is a virtual duplication of a comment I posted earlier today to a column in today’s Denver Post. ) Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post has written a badly misguided column, bordering not only on excessive and unabashedly biased cheerleading for someone Carroll once in some sense supervised, but also on irresponsibility from […]
“Pro-life” Arkansas Congress candidate thinks death penalty for “rebellious” children is appropriate
As they say, you cannot make this shit up. Charlie Fuqua, who has previously served in the Arkansas House of Representatives and wants all Muslims unconditionally deported and also advocates the sterilization of people who have been shown, by some standard, to be unsupportive parents, is now on record of advocating the death penalty for […]
Bad science blogging: egg-on-your-face edition
“Eggs are Nearly as Bad for Your Arteries as Cigarettes!” I guess the exclamation point in the title of this post on a militant (hate to recycle that word from the “militant atheists” idiots, but it sometimes fits) vegan blog is supposed to add veracity, or intrigue, or something.  But a survey of several of […]
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