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Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

The pope’s remarks on Thursday drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims.

James Clapper's perjury, and why DC made men don't get charged for lying to Congress

In DC, perjury is not simply tolerated, it is rewarded. In a city of made men and women, nothing says loyalty quite as much as lying under oath.

Trump's first year: President spent 38 weekends at his own properties

Since Donald Trump took office last January, USA TODAY tracked where he spent each of his first 52 weekends in office.

One year into Trump's presidency, British bookmakers still think he'll be impeached

Britain's appetite for Trump-related bets has not diminished.

These vehicles at the Detroit auto show are great for short people

If you're short and in the market for a new vehicle, you may want to consider one of these.

Super Bowl: Vikings would be right at home on the road

If Minnesota advances to the Super Bowl, the Vikings would be the first to play on their field in the big game. They'd also officially be the visitors.

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