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Lumia 535 Receives Software Update That Fixes Touchscreen Issues
Since Lumia 535 was released late last year, people have been complaining of touchscreen issues, which sometimes can make it unusable.

Microsoft has looked into the problem and released a software update soon after the phone's launch on the market, which was specifically created to fix these touchscreen issues.

Unfortunately, the update did little to make the Lumia 535's display smoother. Well, it looks like it took Microsoft more than 3 months to finally come up with a ... (read more)
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‘Honor 4X’, un smartphone potente diseñado con elegancia.
‘Honor 4X’ es el primer Smartphone de ‘Honor 4G’ que ofrece software y hardware duales de 64 bits, un microprocesador Kirin 620 de ocho núcleos a 64 bits y compatibilidad con el sistema operativo Android 4.4 (y con Android 5.0 a partir de este...
Galaxy S6 Edge nombrado el mejor móvil del #MWC2015
Es el segundo año consecutivo en que Samsung recibe este premio El nuevo Smartphone Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge recibió hoy la distinción especial del "Mejor nuevo teléfono móvil, tableta o dispositivo" de la organización internacional de operadores móviles GSMA en el Mobile World Congress...
VAIO Smartphone Retail Package Leaks Ahead of March 12 Release
Japanese company VAIO (not Sony) has just revealed the retail package of its first smartphone. The contents of the retail package were empty because the product hasn't been announce yet.

The VAIO smartphone is expected to be officially unveiled next week, on March 12. Even though the device hasn't been shown yet, some of its specs have already been leaked.

Unfortunately, there's no telling if they're accurate or not until VAIO smartphone goes official, so take it with a ... (read more)
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The walls that ?pee back? at you
A CITY which is absolutely fed up with drunks urinating on public buildings has designed walls that “pee back”. They’re magnificent.

Apple Delaying 12.9-Inch iPad Production Due to Display Supply Issues
Apple previously planned the bigger iPads for early 2015, but reports indicate the release has been pushed back due to inadequate display supplies and the addition of last-minute features.
Android 5.1 Lollipop Rolling Out This Week for Nexus Devices - Report
By now it's pretty clear that Android 5.0 Lollipop has a lot of issues on Nexus devices, but some of these issues, like missing features, are common to other smartphones and tablets as well.

However, the Nexus devices seems to suffer the most from all these bugs that Google hasn't managed to fix yet. Although the search giant stated that future updates will address some of the problems, the major ones have been fixed yet.

The next version of Android is supposed to patch ... (read more)
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Huawei P8 allegedly photographed again, a 6.8-inch Max version could be in the making
Huawei should officially announce the P8 next month, and it looks like we'll see more than one version of it. Like the P7, the new handset will be very thin, possibly around 6 mm...

Ooredoo launches 4G LTE on iPhone
(Telecompaper) Ooredoo Maldives has announced that its customers with LTE supported models of iPhone will be able to connect to its LTE network...
Mobile audio has to improve

While screen densities and technologies like Apple's Retina HD display are approaching ludicrous levels, many phones and tablets still provide lackluster audio at best.

It's like trying to enjoy a movie with half your senses tied behind your back. But is home theater quality sound possible on mobile? Bob Borchers, chief marketing officer at Dolby Laboratories, writing on [LinkedIn(https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/problem-movies-mobile-hint-its-screen-bob-borchers):

Some people think that mobile devices are doomed to have lousy audio because of their small speakers and the fact that so many people listen with inexpensive earbuds. But great audio is possible on mobile devices. We can even implement Dolby Atmos, our technology that can place and move sounds anywhere around you, including overhead, on mobile devices.

Borcher's name may sound familiar — he worked at Apple during the birth of the iPhone. What he describes might also sound familiar — we all of us remember the first time we leapt out of our seats when something moved behind us, or lost ourselves to a room filled with score and effects.

Yes, many people have high-end headphones for that, but with bigger, better displays comes the opportunity to share what we're watching with those around us, and it's hard to share what we're listening to as well if it's stuck in just our ears.

If Apple could reproduce Atmos-like sound on a future iPhone or iPad, I'd buy 9.1 of them.

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