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[FREE][GAME] Crazy Satellite


I want to share with you my new Android game!

Crazy Satellite is a new challenging one level mini game (highscore) where you have to save a satellite of being hit by asteroids, planets and galaxies orbiting in outer space. You can pick the yellow stars to obtain more points. But be careful and don't fall inside the black hole or everything will go faster due to the gravitational force. Use your finger to drag and move the satellite around the screen.


Have fun :)


RE: What's the most important thing when buying a phone?

I just upgraded to the S5 and the contributing factors that I look at are aesthetics, weight, size, and options that make a particular phone or device stand out from the crowd. In the case of the S5 it was the only phone that had all the things I was looking for (see above) plus the water resistent and dust resistent aspects because water intrusion is my biggest cause for destroying phones.

Most but not all sites have fixed Heartbleed flaw
The world's top 1,000 websites have been patched to protect their servers against the "Heartbleed" exploit, but up to 2% of the top million were still vulnerable as of last week.
Cleveland Clinic CIO: Tools are the biggest barrier to IT-driven medical care
Dr. C. Martin Harris, CIO at Cleveland Clinic and a former health technology adviser to President Obama, is using technology to redefine healthcare for patients and caregivers alike. Insider (registration required)
4 things to do now to get ready for the Internet of Things
Loads of IP-addressable sensors and other smart devices are descending on the enterprise. Here's how you'll need to pull them all together.
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: What's the best smartphone? That's the wrong question.
There is no one 'best.' All we can really do is determine the best smartphone for you.
Security Manager's Journal: Virtual machines, real mess
When Internet and phone service are impaired at a development center, the problem is traced to VM images installed in a classroom.
Thornton May: Your privacy map is probably wrong
The privacy maps being created today are primarily designed to avoid lawsuits.
Career Watch: Who's the best-paid CIO in the land?
Was HP's CIO the best paid in the U.S. in 2012? Possibly.
Bart Perkins: How to keep projects on track
Here are some things that IT management can do to identify problems in a timely manner.
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