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OnePlus 5 already falls victim to a bug

No device is immune to problems and the OnePlus 5 is none the different. Here we gather the most common problems on the OnePlus 5 and we provide you with their solutions.

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„Defining the 21st Century“

But more important than any of these quantifiable measures of success are the unquantified accomplishments. These are the changes we note only when flipping an A/B switch on a decade. The changes ushered by the iPhone have been as momentous as those of the Ford Model T. Or those of electricity, telegraph, radio or TV.

These are epoch-making technologies. They shape the fiber of society and the definition of quality of life. They obsolete entire economies and change the balance of political power. They shift the center of gravity of society.

Horace Dediu


Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+: Jetzt kaufen, Wireless Charger kostenlos dazu erhalten

Samsung legt Dir in den nächsten zwei Wochen beim Kauf eines Galaxy S8 oder S8+ ein kabelloses Schnellladegerät dazu.

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Google Photos' AI-powered sharing is now available
You can also share access to your photo library.
Signal tests changes to how users verify secure contacts
The tweaks are based on feedback it received on an earlier update.
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