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Pangu 1.0.1: Jailbreak für iOS 8.1
Für iOS 8.1 soll es mit Pangu 1.0.1 einen Jailbreak geben, der aus China stammt. Er nutzt eine Lücke aus, die es ermöglicht, iPhones, iPads und den iPod touch zu entsperren, um Software installieren zu können, die nicht von Apple abgesegnet wurde. (Apple, iPhone)

¿Sabes cuantos salarios se necesitan en España y América Latina para comprar el nuevo iPhone?
Un estudio midió cuántos salarios mínimos debe invertir una persona para adquirir un smartphone en países de habla hispana. Para la investigación se utilizó como base el costo del iPhone 6, un equipo de alta gama de una de las empresas líderes del mercado...
RE: [APP] Don't know which move to watch? Ask Yazu!

Every time you shake your phone a new movie is displayed. All movies presented are highly ranked by movie critics, a good movie is guaranteed! Yazu is powered by Rotten Tomatoes.

Perfect Keyboard Pro question ... ?

I've tried dozens of keyboards but always end up landing on Perfect Keyboard Pro as my default. Its T9 key and voice key are appropriately placed, and its basic, yet customizable layout is superb!

There is but one little annoyance. It seems to come preloaded with dictionary words that I can't delete.

For example, if I type the word 'after', then 'AfterDawn' pops up as a suggested word (as much as I like AfterDawn, I just don't type it enough for it to be in my dictionary). Another example would be if I type the word 'only', I get 'Molybdenum' as a suggestion (I had to look that word up).

These suggestions are not in the stock dictionary, and don't pop up as suggestions in any other keyboard I install, so it must be exclusive to PKP.

Tried emailing you at perfectkeyboards@gmail.com but no response, has anybody had any luck with this app's user dictionary?

[FREE][LIVE WALLPAPER] Plasticine Aquarium

Plasticine Aquarium LWP Free
Lovely 3D plasticine aquarium will decorate for your device.

Plasticine Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a unique and beautiful live wallpaper for your gadget. This is because it represents a unique 3D Aquarium, all the objects of which exist in reality and are made of plasticine by our craftsmen’s hands. Thanks to that, the Live Wallpaper looks very colorful and original. And they will delight you with their views every day. This Live Wallpaper is the best choice for those of you: who likes plasticine clay animation and qualitative live wallpaper. Enjoy!

image image image image

-Many species of aquarium fish;
-Carefully designed aquariums;
-HD Graphics, OpenGL;
-Scrolling background;
-Maximum energy battery and resource saving;
-Flexible Settings;
-High Performance;
-Compatibility both with phones and tablets.

Get FREE on Google Play:


Alison Taylor
Producer of fun things ;)

RE: When do you plan on upgrading to a new phone and why?

Hi guys....

My sister will give me a gift, and she said sh will buy me a phone so she told me on what phone i like... and at first i chose the HTC One M8 then the LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3... im really having a hard time on what should i choose.... plls help....(thinking)

[APP] Don't know which move to watch? Ask Yazu!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've developed a really cool Android app for those days that we don't know what movie to watch! You can discover good films by shaking your phone.


Hope you guys like it! :)

Solar eclipse and police activity cards now showing up in Google Now


Good news for heavy Google Now users; you’re getting two new types of cards in your automatic information feed. Google has added in support for police activity as well as solar eclipses. The police activity is pretty useful, as it shows nearby criminal activity which can give you a heads up on areas or roads to avoid.

The solar eclipse card is pretty weird, but it gives you information on ways you can safely view the eclipse, so that’s pretty cool. Not life changing, but a cool feature regardless.

Fortunately, these cards won’t require an update to the Google Now app (as long as you’re already on the latest version) since the info comes from Google. Keep an eye out and let us know if you see either of them on your device.

source: Reddit

via: 9 to 5 Google

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