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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13: In good voice
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RE: missinhg google store

Right. Rooting it is. Thanks all.

Jumpy fRed WARNING: Not an easy game!


Jumpy fRed is an arcade game where the user has to tap on the screen and make Fred jump to dodge the obstacles.
The red box is Fred and he has to dodge the green obstacles to earn points.
Jumpy Fred has an involving, fun and addictive gameplay.

          **DOWNLOAD HERE:**play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apptonic.pixelhop 

start playing now and score as high as you can!
features include:
+simple graphics
+one hand gameplay

download here:
powered by AndEngine

RE: Your Best App?

I have to say TripAdvisor or kayak App ----I travel a lot.

Thanks Brigitte Grisanti

candy crush saga synchronization problem

I play on both Android and PC. When i complete a level on my PC, the level change synchronizes with my phone. But, when i complete a level on my phone, the progress does not synchronize with my PC and i am still on the previous level. What is causing the synch one way but not the other?

RE: Looking for partner can exchange review for app on Google Play store

Hi there, I am actually using this web: appreviewss.com, is a app reviews exchange system and it works great !!
Is a free and fair app reviews exchange :)

RE: restricted access changed :(


The super-sized chart: meet the largest smartphones on the planet
Does anyone remember the 4.65-inch Galaxy Nexus? The 4.7-inch HTC Titan? These were the 'crazy' phablets of days past. Today, these are both considered medium-sized flagships. In just a few short years, we went from being horrified at the thought of anything exceeding 4 inches, to a state where those are tiny even when compared to the mini versions of popular top-shelf models. So, are we in for another round?...

Pebble price drops permanently, gains fitness tracking functionality


The Pebble smartwatch and its Steel companion are getting permanent drops in price to celebrate impressive growth since launching in 2013. The base model now costs just $99 and the Steel version is $199. Yesterday, these prices were reflected at Best Buy in what was originally believed to be a sale.

The device already has a presence online and in retail stores across the country, but you will start to see more of Pebble. Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics, and Sprint are all carrying Pebble. Outside of the United States, prospective buyers can expect the same amount of availability at new locations.

With the new and improved pricing in place, Pebble gets updated software. It gets compatibility from other services like Jawbone, Misfit, and Swim.com to become an excellent fitness tracker. Pebble will operate in the background for around-the-clock tracking. There are other much smaller changes, but a focus on fitness is definitely the most notable.

Here is what’s new with Pebble Firmware 2.6:

  • NEW: Activity.¬†Activity tracking apps (e.g. Jawbone, Misfit, Swim.com) for Pebble now work seamlessly in the background. View installed Activity apps and toggle preferences in the Pebble Settings menu. An Activity icon is visible within Pebble menus when a compatible app is installed and running.
  • NEW: Quick Launch.¬†Set shortcuts from a watchface to your favorite Pebble apps with a long press of the Up or Down buttons. Enable Quick Launch and set app shortcuts in the Pebble Settings menu.
  • Battery icon is now persistent within Pebble menus.
  • Select button once again dismisses notifications when paired with an Android device or iOS device on iOS 7 or lower. iOS 8 users get notificaion dismissal for both Pebble and the paired device when pressing Select.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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Source: Pebble

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Trimob stops mobile services in Sebastopol
(Telecompaper) Ukrainian mobile operator Trimob, a subsidiary of the fixed operator Ukrtelecom, announced that it is unable to provide its mobile communication...
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