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New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring
New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring
ifm efector introduces a new optical particle monitor designed to assess the degree of cleanliness or level of contamination in fluids.

The post New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring originally appeared on Ferret.com.au
Bright Plaza offers “Kaje” Solution to Russian Hacker Password Breech

(The Hosting News) – Responding to the most recent news about website security breeches, Bright Plaza, Inc. says that its Kaje Picture Passwords® Web Service can help solve this problem for any website, large or small. The Kaje® service keeps the passwords off the website entirely and uses advanced end-to-end encryption and privacy practices. It completely separates the user information (on the website) from the password (anonymously on Kaje), eliminating the possibility of hackers collecting the Kaje password from the website. This reduces the risk and the cost of website breeches. As a bonus picture passwords are easier and more secure for users than text passwords.

Kaje’s service is available for all kinds of websites from the smallest to the largest. Anyone can go to http://ka.je, watch the videos to learn more, and try it out for themselves. Any website owner can register automatically using the web form. Just click the “Get Kaje on your site” button and get 10,000 free logins. The interface is a simple HTTPS API, and open source plugins for Drupal and WordPress are available.

Gary Bickford, VP at Bright Plaza noted, “Both research by others and our own experience has shown that users love to use picture passwords, and Kaje. They can upload their own picture – which means they will have an emotional connection and remember their password better – draw a few lines on the picture, and that’s their password.”

Jay Wittner, partner at Space Finance Group (http://spacefinancegroup.com) said, “We set the Integrated Space Analytics website (http://integratedspaceanalytics.com) up to use the Drupal Kaje module. This site will grow to include volunteers, financial and industry people, and space enthusiasts. So we needed a new, easier, more secure and easier to remember way to login. This module made it as simple as registering, getting the SSL certificate, installing the plugin, and starting to use it.”

Website owners are also encouraged to talk with their providers about Kaje. Any hosting provider, web developer, software provider or other SAAS is a candidate to become an affiliate and offer discounts on Kaje to their customers. This encourages customer loyalty and provides an additional revenue stream to these providers, while reducing risk and support problems for their customers and improving user experience.

In addition to the Kaje Picture Password service, the Kaje platform will soon support other proofs of knowledge including text passwords. This will allow even text passwords and other authentication methods to be kept securely off the website and out of their database. It also will provide better privacy, anonymity for their users, since Kaje never knows anything about the user, while the website knows nothing about the proof of knowledge.

Bright Plaza offers “Kaje” Solution to Russian Hacker Password Breech

Malgré des freins, l'Open Data pourrait générer 3 000 milliards de dollars
L'Open data pourrait rapporter plus de 3 000 milliards de dollars à l'économie mondiale selon le cabinet McKinsey. Outre les diverses applications pratiques pour les citoyens et consommate [...]

KVCHosting Announces Labor Day Promotion

(The Hosting News) – Labor Day, the day to tribute the workforce of our nation is just around the corner. This year KVCHosting is set to offer free of charge services and up to 60% Discounts for every Sign Up for their Unlimited, Reseller, SSD VPS, Regular VPS and SEO Hosting packages as their Labor Day Promotion for 2014.

With KVCHosting’s recently updated features such as “HYBRID SSD” for Unlimited Hosting, Reseller and SEO Hosting helps to increase 5 times more speed in performance than Regular Unlimited and Reseller Hosting and reduce I/O (Input/output) of the servers so the customers are in for a great deal with this splendid promotion.

The promotion period starts from Thursday the 30th Saturday of August and will continue till 3rd of September midnight. Labor Promotion for the various hosting packages offered by KVCHosting will be as follows:

Introducing Unlimited Hybrid

  • Signup for 3 Years for Unlimited Hybrid SSD Hosting plan and get a free additional Year

(Free years will automatically be added once you are registered)


  • Sign up for 3 months and get 20% off for life for our Reseller K, V, C, O and P Hosting

Use the coupon “labordayR20″


  • Sign up for VPS V or above hosting plans and get Extra 2GB Ram
  • Get 60% OFF of First Month

Only for new Signups
Use the coupon “laborday14″


  • Get Extra 2GB Ram on any SSD VPS Hosting Plans
  • Get 60% OFF of First Month

Only for new Signups
Use the coupon “laborday14″


  • Get 60% OFF of First Month on all SSD SEO Hosting Packages,

Use the coupon “laborday14″

More information about KVCHosting
Since 2008, KVCHosting have been named as a fast growing webhosting company for quality-driven, technology enriched, and affordable web hosting providers. KVCHosting’s data center and head offices are located in Oklahoma (US). More information can be found on their website at http://www.kvchosting.com.

Contact Information:
web at http://www.kvchosting.com
Twitter @kvchosting
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kvchosting

KVCHosting Announces Labor Day Promotion

Windows 9 Is “Coming Soon,” Says Microsoft China

(The Hosting News) – Microsoft’s Chinese division confirmed its upcoming Windows 9 operating system today on a post to Chinese social media site Weibo.

“Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the bottom left will make a comeback?” says the post.

Microsoft’s announcement was followed by a Windows 9 logo mockup from Shy Designs, though both posts were quickly taken down, reports PCWorld.

The tech giant is said to hold a special event on September 30th to announce its new OS, though Microsoft has not yet officially announced this unveiling.

Other features rumored to be included in Windows 9, besides the long awaited start menu, include virtual desktops, the removal of the Charms bar, integration of Cortana, Metro-style apps that run on separate windows on the desktop, and various UI changes.

Windows 9 is expected to be released spring 2015.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first leak mishap. In June multiple refrences of the rumored Surface Mini was found in the user guide of the Surface Pro 3, though the Mini tablet was never released.

Windows 9 Is “Coming Soon,” Says Microsoft China

Tablettes, très haut débit : Hollande confirme son plan numérique à l'école
Le chef de l'Etat confirme qu'il prendra une série de mesures concernant le numérique dans les établissements scolaires. François Hollande souhaite insister sur le très haut débit et l'usage de conten [...]

Amid dueling lawsuits, state needs Oracle's help with health-insurance site transition
Oregon officials still need Oracle's cooperation to meet a looming deadline related to the state's troubled health-insurance exchange website, even as both sides have lodged lawsuits against one another.
Acronis acquires BackupAgent, Strengthening Cloud Backup Offering For Service Providers

(The Hosting News) –  Acronis, the global leader in new generation data protection, today announced the acquisition of BackupAgent, the pioneering company in cloud backup.

One of the elements of Acronis’ cloud strategy is to enable managed service providers, hosting companies and telecom operators to deliver complete data protection services to their customers, storing data in providers’ or customers’ datacenters or in a public cloud. BackupAgent, founded in 2005 and named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies, brings on board years of cloud backup expertise, an existing network of hundreds of active partners and over 50 thousand customers across the world.

“I am happy to hear that BackupAgent and Acronis are joining forces,” said Jason Frisch, CEO of Tsukaeru.net, a Japanese cloud provider with thousands of users and a BackupAgent partner since 2010/ “We’re excited to see what happens next, with the additional support, resources and technologies that Acronis can provide.”

Service providers will also benefit from the long-standing partnership between Acronis and Parallels, leveraging the full integration of BackupAgent solutions with Parallels Automation, empowering Parallels-enabled service providers to quickly deploy a cloud backup offering to their customers at a very low cost of entry.

“According to Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ research, data backup and recovery is one of the top three most demanded services,” said Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels. “With this acquisition, service providers using Parallels Automation for cloud service delivery will now have the most complete and reliable backup solution to offer their customers.”

Over time, BackupAgent’s solution will be powered by Acronis AnyData Engine technology, allowing service providers to deliver new generation data protection technologies via a cloud backup solution to their customers, including:

  • File-level and full-system backup for desktops and servers, for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms;
  • Backup of physical and virtual servers, supporting all popular hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, RHEV/KVM, Oracle VM;
  • Context-aware backup for business applications: Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL Server;
  • Support of multiple-destination for data storage: on-premises, in a service provider’s cloud, in the Acronis Cloud, in a public cloud, as well as any mix of those destinations based on customer preference and sensitivity of data;
  • Wide variety of backup and storage policies for data to ensure the required level of protection and compliance with local government requirements;
  • Ability to do disaster recovery in the cloud, avoiding any downtime;

Service providers are able to deploy the cloud backup solution to their datacenters, to customer datacenters, or use Acronis datacenters and start selling the service with zero initial cost. This enables any managed service provider, hosting company or telecom operator to become a cloud backup provider.

“With over 15 years of experience helping service provider businesses in SWsoft and Parallels, I clearly understand the customer need and the service provider revenue opportunity with a cloud data protection solution,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO and co-founder of Acronis. “Using Acronis technology, BackupAgent cloud expertise and existing channel, plus our deep technology and business ties with Parallels, we are able to deliver the most complete and the most service provider-friendly solution on the market.”

With this acquisition, existing Acronis and BackupAgent partners will receive the most complete data protection solution to offer to their customers, and the existing 50,000 customers of BackupAgent will enjoy the most complete, flexible and user-friendly cloud backup service.

“We are excited to join forces with Acronis; this acquisition fits perfectly within our expansion plans,” said Roland Sars and Robbert van Geldrop, founders of BackupAgent. “Becoming part of Acronis supports BackupAgent’s vision to become the world’s leading cloud backup player. This acquisition will bring only good to our service providers, as they become part of a worldwide ecosystem of thousands of channel partners. We are extremely proud of the complete BackupAgent team.”

According to a recent IDC study, 65 percent of SMB companies backup their data to cloud, avoiding the need to purchase expensive backup systems and store the data on-site. This need creates an opportunity for service providers to add additional revenue stream offering cloud backup service. Acronis powered Backup-as-a-Service enables service providers, hosting providers and telecoms to build cloud backup offering with negligible entry costs. With the acquisition of BackupAgent, Acronis enables service providers to offer the most complete cloud backup solution to customers of any size.

About Acronis
Acronis is a global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Founded in 2002 Acronis has established itself as a fast-growing international company with more than 650 employees in 18 countries and partners in almost every country in the world. Acronis provides complete, efficient and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual and cloud environments as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices. More than 5 million of individual users and more than 300 thousand organizations rely on Acronis products for protection of their data.

About BackupAgent
BackupAgent is one of the first global cloud backup vendors on the market. Founded in 2005 in Delft, the Netherlands, the company quickly became an internationally recognized brand. BackupAgent managed to onboard over 900 service providers, and protects petabytes of data for more than 50 thousand small and medium business customers across the world.
For additional information, please visit http://www.acronis.com. Follow Acronis on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the most recent announcements http://twitter.com/acronis.

Acronis acquires BackupAgent, Strengthening Cloud Backup Offering For Service Providers

Leading Demand Forecasting System Moves Cloud Operations to World Class Data Center

(The Hosting News) – Thrive Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of cloud based demand forecasting systems, announces today that it has chosen QTS as its new data center company for server hosting and operations.

Thrive Technologies develops and markets a system that increases inventory profitability for wholesale distributors and retailers. Delivered exclusively via the cloud, Thrive provides its clients with a portfolio of award winning demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory performance software and services. Thrive’s systems provide industry leading accuracy of predicted demand at the SKU and aggregate levels plus precise control over inventory levels with an automated alignment to strategic supply chain goals. Thrive’s patent pending demand forecasting system typically increases client forecast accuracy to over 90% reducing lost sales due to stockouts by over 70%.

“We have large clients such as Chiquita and Virginia ABC who depend on us to manage their inventory, and their IT staff expect the highest levels of availability and security from their cloud providers,” states Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO. “So we, in turn, had high requirements for our new datacenter and server operations, and were very impressed with the QTS facility in Suwanee GA.”

Starting with a single small data center in Overland Park, Kansas, QTS has grown exponentially to become one of the largest and most successful national data center providers. In less than ten years, the company has established a leadership position in this growing industry by amassing a coast-to-coast portfolio of 10 data centers encompassing over 3.8 million square feet.

Thrive is hosting its server operations at QTS’s 370,000 square foot Suwanee datacenter which is home to some of QTS’s largest clients. The datacenter features 140,200 sq. ft. of 48″ raised floor cooled by over 200 thirty ton Lieberts.

“When we bring customers to visit, they can’t help but notice the physical setbacks and fencing, active guard patrols, ID checks, visitor screening, active video monitoring, and biometric access control (both iris scans and fingerprints),” commented Lawton Roberts, Thrive’s Datacenter Manager. “QTS definitely makes our customers feel comfortable about the security of their data and our ability to maintain high service levels.”

About Thrive Technologies
Thrive Technologies is the leading provider of cloud based demand forecasting, inventory replenishment and inventory performance software to SKU intensive businesses. Thrive’s award winning systems increase inventory profitability for wholesale distributors and retailers through industry leading forecast accuracy combined with a unique inventory ‘nervous system’ that dynamically adjusts SKU level inventory based on recent activity, orders and strategic goals. Based on their supply chain goals, Thrive clients monitor their continual and self evident improvement in inventory performance. Supported by Thrive’s long term partnership approach and deep domain expertise, Thrive’s clients achieve a 90 day return on investment and lasting improvements to profitability and competitive advantage. For more information, please visit Thrive on the Web at http://www.thrivetech.com.

Leading Demand Forecasting System Moves Cloud Operations to World Class Data Center

Nacktfotos von Prominenten: Apple geht Hinweis auf iCloud-Hackerangriff nach
Sind die Hacker über iCloud an die privaten Fotos von Prominenten gekommen, den Cloud-Speicherdienst von Apple? Der Konzern geht ernsten Hinweisen nach, auch das FBI ermittelt.
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