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Five Ways Wire Data Analytics Enables Real-Time Healthcare Systems
Learn more about the rise of the real-time healthcare system and the demands that means for IT. Find out how to better support critical business goals as well as comply with security and patient privacy regulations. Published by: ExtraHop
Research on Team Effectiveness in a Virtual Setting
Teams are no longer made up of a group of people in one office.  Teams are now virtual - connecting from anywhere around the world from any device, and we need to change the way we work. Published by: Unify
Real-Life Examples of Dynamic Case Management in Action
Dynamic case management (DCM) is helping countless organizations across various industries. By personalizing and catering each request, companies are more agile and adaptive. This expert resource discusses real-world examples of businesses that have implemented and are enjoying DCM. Published by: IBM
WCM's Role in Improving Customer Experiences
The following expert e-guide, explore key topics to consider when refocusing web content management strategies to better meet customer expectations. Additionally, learn how integrating WCM with CRM tools can lead to a more targeted customer experience. Published by: Rackspace
Angriff auf US-Baumarktkette: Daten von 56 Millionen Kreditkarten gestohlen
Online-Kriminelle haben im großen Stil Daten aus Systemen der weltgrößten Baumarktkette, Home Depot, abgegriffen. Zig Millionen Kunden könnten betroffen sein.
Monitors monitor's monitoring finds touch screens have 0.4% market share

Not four. Point four. Are you listening, Microsoft?

Market monitor IDC's latest word on monitors goes some way to explaining limp enthusiasm for Windows 8: people just aren't buying touch-screen monitors.…

Why Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had to go ... Except he hasn't

Silicon Valley's veteran big cheese in Vladimir Putin impression

Analysis What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison? God doesn't think he's Larry Ellison.…

Apple et la sécurité : une rentrée 2014 forte en actualité !
Du vol des données de célébrités sur iCloud au nouvel iPhone 6, la sécurité est une thématique forte chez Apple ces temps-ci.

Man walks into Apple store, buys iPhone 6 and DROPS IT RIGHT AWAY

A shattering experience for one buyer

First fracture In the queue to buy the iPhone 6 today, Vulture South met a chap named Alex McCredie, the founder of Sydney iThing repair company FixPod.…

Gigantic bazaar Alibaba WILL turn share price up to 11, er, $68 for biggest IPO ever in US

Confirms it hopes to raise 8-ish Minecrafts in NYSE debut

Chinese internet giant Alibaba has set the price of its shares to the max for what is shaping up to be the largest initial public offering (IPO) in US history.…

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