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Bildbearbeitung: Google und Adobe kündigen Streaming-Variante von Photoshop an
Adobes Photoshop wandert in die Datenwolke: Eine neue Version der professionellen Bildbearbeitungssoftware funktioniert jetzt in Googles Chrome-Browser und Chrome OS. Nutzen können sie aber vorerst nur wenige Nutzer.
Musik-Streaming-Dienst: Grooveshark-Personal soll selbst Songs hochgeladen haben
Ein New Yorker Gericht hat Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens Grooveshark, darunter der Chef persönlich, für schuldig befunden, bewusst Urheberrechte verletzt zu haben. Dem Unternehmen drohen Forderungen in Millionenhöhe.
Le gouvernement encourage l'acquisition de robots industriels
Les entreprises souhaitant s'équiper en robots vont désormais pouvoir bénéficier d'une nouvelle forme de prêt. Le gouvernement débloque 300 millions d'euros pour celles qui équiperont leurs installati [...]

Case Study: Bicycle Manufacturer Supports Continuous Improvement in Dealer Operations
Access this case study to discover how Trek salespeople were able to work collectively with bike dealers for continuous improvement of customer service and sales excellence. By marrying CRM with ERP salespeople could manage their accounts without ever leaving Outlook. Published by: Scribe Software Corporation
Getting There From Here: Moving Data Science Into the Boardroom
Learn how big data analytics can result in deeper customer insights, new business leads, and greater profit. Published by: SAS
The Process, Technology, and Tactics to Maximizing Agent Efficiency
41% of contact centers deliberately sacrifice the customer experience to boost efficiency. View this white paper now to find out several ways to boost effectiveness without pushing the customer to the side. Published by: Five9
Sales in the Cloud: Data Analytics to Boost Results
Is your sales team identifying the best leads within the massive collection of opportunities? This white paper discusses how one company turned to a cloud-based solution to easily organize inbound leads to help identify the largest sales opportunities. Published by: Five9
EPIC seeks enforcement action over Arizona data breaches
A privacy watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against a community college district in Arizona that lost the personal data of 2.5 million students and employees in two data breaches.
China clears iPhone 6 for sale only after security tweaks
China has effectively cleared the iPhone 6 for sale in the country, granting the product a license, but not before a government regulator demanded Apple make some security changes in the iOS operating system to fix suspected flaws in the software.
Opposition: we passed Australia's 'spook's charter' on PURPOSE

'Picking battles' is strategy, not stupidity, anonymous source claims

Australia's opposition has defended its stance on Australia's new national security laws, which provide maximum ten-year jail sentence for nat-sec leakers, by leaking its leader's attitude to a national media outlet.…

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