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The Definitive Guide for Evaluating Mobile Learning Solutions
Access this white paper and discover education solutions that focus on integrating data access into a single platform. Extending access to smart tablets and smartphones enables learners to interact whenever it's most convenient. Explore how mobile technology delivers compelling and engaging learning experiences for individuals. Published by: D2L Corporation
Enable Real-Time Data with Unified Computing and Deliver Superb Service
Mohawk Industries was in need of a new unified computing system that would allow them to improve productivity and customer satisfaction as well as allow them to shift from reactive to proactive management. The following case study reveals the solution that allowed them to reach their goals. Published by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Dot-sucks sucks, say lawyers: ICANN urged to kill 'shakedown' now

Trademark briefs complain of 'predatory, exploitative and coercive practices'

The intellectual property constituency (IPC) of domain overseer ICANN has formally asked the organization to halt the rollout of the controversial .sucks top-level domain, due to start on Monday.…

Forum chat is like Clarkson punching you repeatedly in the face

Oh, you're one of them there racists, are you?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? How can you condone racist violence, Alistair?

Neue Gadgets: Diese Mini-Tastatur kann man selbst programmieren
Ein Baukasten-Keyboard speichert Tastenkombinationen ab. Außerdem im Gadget-Überblick von neuerdings.com: ein leuchtender Stehtisch und ein Smartphone mit Notruf-Knopf.
Notel"-Boom Nordkorea: Hardware für den Widerstand
Mit dem "Notel", einer Mischung aus Notebook und Fernseher, wehren sich Nordkoreaner gegen die Informationssperren des Regimes. Der Bildschirm des 44-Euro-Geräts ist für viele ein Fenster zur Außenwelt.
Chancellor's budget 'failed to tackle shortage of UK HGV drivers'
The RHA said George Osborne's decision to ignore calls to support the cost of getting new licensed and qualified HGV drivers “is a poor one for the economy, for tax receipts and for the industry".
Infos US de la nuit : Ellen Pao perd son procès contre Kleiner Perkins
Kleiner Perkins, accusé de discrimination sexuelle par son ex-employée Ellen Pao, a été déclaré non coupable. Intel pourrait racheter Altera. Google et Johnson&Johnson font équipe pour créer un r [...]

To baldly go where no one has gone before: NASA 'naut twin to spend YEAR IN SPAACE

Study will pave the way for mission to Mars

Pic + vid Three astronauts are on their way to the International Space Station – and two of them are going to remain onboard the orbiting lab for a full year…

FCC will vote next month on plan to share valuable 3.5GHz spectrum
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote April 17 on a spectrum-sharing plan for a band that could serve the military, mobile service providers and individuals.
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