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Boffins demo 'memcomputer', plot von Neumann's retirement

Memory and processing in the same transistor

Shuffling stuff between memory and the CPU is one of the biggest wasters of time and electricity inside, so boffins from the University of California, San Diego, have demonstrated a prototype “memcomputer” that has memory and compute in the same place.…

Surveillance software vendor Hacking Team hacked

Admins asleep as 400Gbs of data walks out the door and into BitTorrent

Italian surveillance software slingers Hacking Team has allegedly been cracked by hackers, who exfiltrated some 400Gbs of data.…

US dominates net-security patents, China, Canada and Oz on the advance

Cisco led the pack, even before the big buys of 2015

The US, China, Canada and Australia are the world's major sources of security patents, according to analysis by LexInnova.…

Argentine finds messenger to shoot after e-vote vuln allegations

Programmer says he was riaded for Tweeting

Argentinian police have reportedly raided a programmer who went public with vulnerabilities in the electronic voting system used in Buenos Aires elections last June.…

DDoSers call 1988 and want its routing protocol hacked

500 routers whip up colossal DDOS over ye olde RIP protocol

Attackers are exploiting an ancient networking protocol to enslave small home and office routers in distributed denial of service attacks, Akamai says.…

China unveils Internet Plus plan for FIRST time (actually third time)

Big Data decree, definitive human rights source and much, much, more

Back in March, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced the “Internet Plus” plan, an effort to stimulate China's growth. In late June he did it again at a State Council Meeting. And over the weekend he did it again, announcing that an “action plan” is now in place to make Internet Plus a reality.…

Bitcoin glitch expected to abate as software upgrades continue
Bitcoin experienced a glitch over the weekend that is expected to be resolved as software clients that handle transaction data are upgraded.
ONE MILLION new lines of code hit Linux Kernel

4.2 rc1 is biggest … release … candidate … EVER

Linus Torvalds has loosed Linux 4.2-rc1 upon a waiting world, and rates it the biggest release candidate ever in terms of the volume of new code it contains.…

Australian government mulls secret terror court proposals

Because everybody needs a Star Chamber

The Australian government is taste-testing new anti-terrorism proposals to give police access to information gathered by its spook agencies.…

Digital Pacific acquires Crucial
Sydney-based Web hosting provider Digital Pacific has acquired another Sydney hosting provider, Crucial.
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