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You know HOOQ? We don't either. But it's bringing the Asia Pacific OTT fight to Netflix

U.S. network giant hasn't even ARRIVED yet

Analysis Netflix is used to local spoilers blocking its international expansion as it enters new markets - in Canada it had to face off with Crave TV, in the Nordics it battled with ViaPlay and HBO Go and in the UK it came up against Sky’s Now TV. But in Asia, it faces perhaps its most formidable obstacle yet in HOOQ.…

Apple (Reportedly) Sides With Taylor Swift In The Free Streaming Music Wars

Apple's new streaming music service, rumored to debut later this year, won't have a free streaming tier.

Last year, lab-created perfect human Taylor Swift sent a shiver down the collective spine of the streaming-music industry when she yanked all her music from Spotify. Her argument, while hardly airtight, basically boiled down to the belief that free-streaming services grossly devalue the work of the musicians; it's why you can find her catalog on paid subscription services, like, say, Rdio.

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La BPI veut rendre les PME moins naïves face au numérique
La transformation numérique n'est pas l'apanage des grands comptes comme l'innovation digitale ne se résume pas au dynamisme des startups. Dans son rôle de conseil auprès des entreprises, la BPI publie un rapport pour réveiller l'esprit numérique des PME.

Google wins fight to keep Adwords FBI drug sting docs secret

Federal court gags Mississippi attorney general – for now

Special Report Google has won a battle in its legal campaign to keep millions of documents relating to an FBI drugs probe into the company under wraps - by using a law originally designed to combat porn sites.…

Tech leaders: Can you predict the future? Tell us all about it

Crystal balls on Reg roundtable

Reg Events If you’re running IT for your company, you’ve presumably got the ability to see into the future. If you don’t, you probably want to see what your peers are thinking.…

Steam Machines: Hiermit will Valve den Spielemarkt umkrempeln
Computer fürs Wohnzimmer, ein selbst entwickelter Controller: Ab dem Jahresende will Valve den Spielemarkt aufmischen. Gegen die Konsolen-Konkurrenz steht der Firma ein harter Preiskampf bevor.
Apple To Join The Dow Jones

The technology company will replace AT&T.

The widening gulf between the interests of Silicon Valley and Wall Street closed a bit today: In a long anticipated move, Apple, the world's most valuable company, will join the Dow Jones Industrial Average later this month. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Cupertino-based technology company will replace telecom giant AT&T in the index as it reshuffles "pending a 4-for-1 stock split by Dow component Visa Inc." The change will take place on March 18.

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Google creeps up on another sector: Adds car insurance to Compare

I said nothing, because I'm not an insurance comparison site

Google has added car insurance to its "Google Compare" suite of products, which are "designed to help people make confident, more informed financial decisions."…

En plein recentrage, SAP va supprimer 2200 emplois
Le géant allemand indique que pas moins de 2 200 emplois vont être prochainement supprimés. SAP entend recentrer ses activités sur des secteurs plus porteurs comme notamment le cloud computing. [...]

CRM leidet unter einem zu technischen Fokus
Nach Einschätzung der ec4u expert consulting ag hat das Kundenmanagement in den letzten Jahren unter einem zu starken technischen Fokus auf CRM-Systeme gelitten. Notwendig sei deshalb, sich durch einen...
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