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Cassini tickles Saturn's rings ahead of final death plunge

September set for point of no return

The Cassini space probe has begun a series of orbits designed to swing it through the edges of Saturn's ring system.…

Microsoft boffins think VR visions will rival drugs by 2027

No more search boxes, no work benefits, and your social value will be your data trail

Search as people presently know it – a dialog box for typed queries – will vanish in a decade, according to Susan Dumais, distinguished scientist and deputy managing director of Microsoft Research Lab.…

These San Francisco High School Students Are Recruiting Teachers To Resist Trump

Alarmed by Trump's win, students at one predominantly black and Latino school are teaching adults a few things about social-media activism.

Alarmed by Trump's win, students at one predominantly black and Latino school are teaching adults a few things about social-media activism.

Sixteen-year-old Brianna Carreno dreams of being a nurse one day, but for this daughter of a Latina hospitality worker, who grew up attending events at her mom's union hall, career ambitions and political organizing are intimately intertwined. So when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton last month, despite losing Carreno's home state of California by about 30 percentage points, she knew she couldn't just sit back and be silent about an election process that seemed to gloss over her needs.

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Engineers say safety features got squished out of cramped Samsung Note 7

Overpacked handset was putting too much pressure on battery

A teardown analysis of the Samsung Note 7 claims that the ill-fated phablet was doomed by a design flaw that squeezed its battery pack to unsafe pressure levels.…

Vocus to build Singapore-Australia submarine cable

40Tbps link should see first light in late 2018

Junior telco Vocus has confirmed it will build a submarine cable linking Singapore and Australia, with a stop in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.…

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube team up against terrorist propoganda - CNET
Social media sites will share with each other the digital fingerprints of terrorist images and video that have been posted to their sites.
Whose mummified knees are these? Queen Nefertari's, probably - CNET
Bone fragments thought to have belonged to the famous ancient Egyptian queen get the royal scientific treatment. You could say the findings have legs.
Netflix: Get your 'Stranger Things' merch here! - CNET
The streaming giant is breaking with tradition and testing merchandise for "Stranger Things." Because, well, so many of us are like, "Please take my money.
Nutanix finds Waters flows away

New corporate marketing head joins hyper-converged box and software shifter

Nutanix has a new head of marketing and corporate communications – Raj Badarinath.…

Bill Gates unveils his 5 favorite books of 2016 - CNET
Books about tennis and tennis shoes top the Microsoft co-founder's reading list.
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