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Space junk could take out a European satellite this week - CNET
With part of an old Russian satellite threatening to make a mess of a European Space Agency orbiter Wednesday, scientists are rushing out a rare collision avoidance scheme.
CPSC urges better battery safety after Samsung's Note 7 fiasco - CNET
The US safety agency says there's no way it could match Samsung's efforts to figure out what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7.
Nerf Nitro lets you shoot customizable cars from Nerf guns - Roadshow
Is there anything else your inner (or actual) child could possibly want?!
Mark Zuckerberg denies he's running for president - CNET
After a litany of speculation in the press, the Facebook co-founder tries to squash the rumor.
​Microsoft: Minecraft mentors help teachers grok the game - CNET
Educators who don't know a creeper from a piston can get online help from experts on using the megahit game in schools. Also new: polar bears.
Nissan, BMW, EVgo team up to add more DC Fast chargers across the US - Roadshow
The stations will pack both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo chargers, appealing to as many EVs as possible.
Aussie Pumps releases new high pressure steam cleaner for urban spaces
Aussie Pumps releases new high pressure steam cleaner for urban spaces
Australian Pump Industries announces the launch of a revolutionary new high pressure steam cleaner designed for heavy duty urban cleaning applications.

The post Aussie Pumps releases new high pressure steam cleaner for urban spaces originally appeared on Ferret.com.au
Star Wars: The Last Jedi' director teases opening crawl - CNET
Peek inside the "Episode VIII" editing bay with a behind-the-scenes photo from director Rian Johnson.
US govt can't stop Microsoft taking its Irish email seizure fight to the Supreme Court

Outdated law may now head to America's highest judges

The US government has lost a legal appeal to have a critical case against Microsoft reheard, paving the way for a Supreme Court challenge.…

The iPhone 8's Siri could get smarter with AI - CNET
Apple could outfit its Siri voice assistant with artificial intelligence, following a gathering trend of AI on phones.
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