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Elon Musk blames SpaceX rocket landing FAIL on sluggish 'throttle valve response

'Yup, we've gotta stabalise tall and tippy Falcon'

Billionaire biz baron Elon Musk has revealed more details about why SpaceX's latest attempt to land a rocket in one piece at sea had failed.…

Alice's Adventures Underground: Don't be late for this very important date

Directly be directed in the right direction

Theatre Review As I head down to the revived Vaults below London's Waterloo, I figure that the Jabberwocky must be up to some mischief as the performance starts an hour and a half late due to a power outage.…

Truth in advertising laws apply to you too, mobile app sellers

Plus: Whitman wants 'symbolic connection' from some mashed up letters

QuoTW This week, we blew up our smarthomes, warded off a nasty Microsoft bug and talked tough about Google. Here are the choice quotes:…

America was founded on a dislike of taxes, so how did it get the IRS?

From Cambridge to the other Newark, via the valley of bureaucratic hell

The eXpat files Welcome again to the eXpat files, our now-occasional visit with readers who've moved to a new land in search of adventure, sunshine and, in the case of this week's chap, bewildering and labyrinthine tax and credit regulations.…

Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde: Less fun than it should be

Baby Alfa fails to live up to illustrious forebears' example

Vulture at the wheel Harsh, uncompromising and not as much fun as it should be, this Alfa Romeo MiTo needs a special kind of driver: one for whom the Alfa brand is special but who can’t stretch to a 4C.…

Firms lack action over carbon emissions
“It’s impossible for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint unless they measure and monitor emissions within their own organisations and their supply chains," said Achilles CEO Adrian Chamberlain.
So why exactly does almost ALL tech live in Silicon Valley?

And how come the nerds get so much damn money?

Worstall @ the Weekend It was Ben Bernanke who pointed out that economics isn't really all that much good at predicting the next recession (and the long-standing joke is that economists have predicted 11 out of the past three), but it is pretty good at working out why the world is the way it is.…

Glauben und Wirklichkeit: Windows-Mythen erklärt
Wenn jemand durch Putzen der Registry seinen PC flott bekommt - funktioniert das auch bei mir? Sagen wir mal so: Manchmal besteht der Trick darin, solche Mythen nicht zu glauben, erklärt die Redaktion der "c't".
Moore's Law: Das Gesetz der digitalen Leistungssteigerung wird 50
Kaum eine Regel hat die Technologie-Branche so geprägt wie das Mooresche Gesetz: Noch heute treibt es die Halbleiterindustrie an. Doch die Grenzen der Technik sind absehbar.
DWARF PLANET Ceres beams back SUNNY north pole FROWN

Dawn spacecraft transmits best high-res images yet, enthuse boffins

In the build up to NASA's first science orbit of dwarf planet Ceres later this month, the agency's spacecraft Dawn has been capturing stunning images of the extraterrestrial body.…

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