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BT broadband in broad-based brownout and TITSUP incidents

Outages and slow downloads leave customers cursing carrier from Manchester to Portsmouth

If you can't reach a chum in the UK, chances are they've fallen victim to a substantial outage that's hit BT's voice and broadband services. Or a Total Inability To Support Usual Performance (TITSUP) incident.…

Thought YOU'd had rude service in France? Ce n'était RIEN, M'sieu Pantalons Malodorants

Shoppers dubbed 'mad'' 'bitch' etc by guys technologique

France’s data protection authority, CNIL, has put nationwide tech appliance store, Boulanger, on notice following the discovery of some less than flattering records on customers.…

Malvertising campaign hits 10 MEELLION users in 10 days

Screw creative, just use Angler.

Cyphort researcher Nick Bilogorskiy says 10 million users may have been infected in as many days, thanks to a deadly malvertising and exploit kit campaign.…

World-beating TWO-QUADRILLION-WATT LASER fired by boffins

Japanese fusion eggheads pull trigger on Earth's most powerful ray gun

Nuclear fusion researchers at Osaka University in Japan claim they have made history by firing the world's most powerful laser – emitting a two-quadrillion-watt beam albeit for a very, very brief period of time.…

SDN hits rock bottom and FCoE is obsolete, say Gartner mages

New networking hype cycle has good news for wireless, cautions for white-boxers

Fibre channel over Ethernet is obsolete and software-defined networking is making users grumpy rather than delivering promised benefits, according to the new networking version of Gartner's Hype Cycle.…

Just a quickie, then: Boffins' 11 picosecond spontaneous emission

75 nm cube lights the path to optical computing

Boffins from Duke University reckon they've cracked one of the problems that holds back optical computing, with a tiny and very low-powered high-speed-switchable light source.…

Nokia jumps into virtual reality market with 360-degree Ozo camera
The camera taps eight synchronized shutters and eight microphones to capture 360-degree video and spatial audio.

Microsoft's Arrow brings pane to Androids

You too can suffer the Windows phone experience, as an app

For reasons El Reg doesn't quite understand, Microsoft has decided that the one thing missing from the Android user's life is the Windows phone app launcher experience.…

Windows-10-Start: Lohnt sich der Umstieg?
Seit diesem Mittwoch können Nutzer von Windows 7 und 8.1 kostenlos auf Windows 10 umsteigen. Doch lohnt sich das? Der Überblick.
HP goes off VMware's EVO:RAIL, bins 200-HC ConvergedSystem

'Customers want more open and flexible approach', namely StoreVirtual with vCenter

Hewlett Packard has stopped selling its ConvergedSystem 200-HC, the hyperconverged rig based on VMware's EVO:RAIL system architecture.…

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