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Dancing With the Stars' New Cast Features Olympians, a Rapper and One Loud-Mouthed Politician
[...] let's look at the one we'll all be collectively rooting for.[...] if golds were given out for electric smiles and expressive eyes, she's be swimming around a vault full of gold medals like she was Scrooge McDuck.Other athletes confirmed for Season 23 are recently retired Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who looked like a man playing among boys out there on the field, and IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe.[...] the rumors were true.The rest of the roster includes former Taxi actress Marilu Henner, The Brady Bunch's Marcia Brady in Maureen McCormick, model and singer Amber Rose, Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé, former The Fosters star Jake T. Austin, legendary music producer Babyface and country-music artist Jana Kramer.
AEA Solidaria: Cuando la solidaridad triunfa a fuerza de voluntad
(Paul Monzón).- Decía Séneca, filósofo, político, orador y escritor romano, que "No hay bien alguno que nos deleite si no lo compartimos". Sin lugar a dudas es una cita indispensable cuando al hablar de solidaridad para con el prójimo se trata. Este sentimiento, nacido en este "lado del charco", empezó a tomar forma tras el potente terremoto que [...]
España recibió 42,4 millones de turistas internacionales hasta julio de 2016,
España recibió más de 42,4 millones de turistas extranjeros en los primeros siete meses del año, lo que supone un aumento del 11,1% con respecto al mismo periodo del año 2015, según la Encuesta de Movimientos Turísticos en Frontera (Frontur), difundida por el Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE). En julio, visitaron el país 9,6 [...]
Muere Gene Wilder, el actor de "Willy Wonka" el de la Factoría de Chocolate
El actor estadounidense Gene Wilder ha fallecido este lunes a la edad de 83 años, según la revista Variety. Mundialmente conocido por su interpretación de Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory., era uno de los cómicos más célebres de su país y participó en varias películas de Mel Brooks, como Los productores(1967) o El jovencito [...]
Lost in the Great Fire: which London buildings disappeared in the 1666 blaze?

This week 350 years ago, the Great Fire of London burned through 400 of the city’s streets. Matthew Green reveals the extraordinary structures lost in the blaze – from old St Paul’s to a riverside castle – and what survived, only to vanish later

“Oh the miserable and calamitous spectacle!” wrote John Evelyn in 1666, “mine eyes … now saw above 10,000 houses all in one flame.” The conflagration he witnessed from 2-5 September destroyed much of the medieval metropolis, swallowing 400 streets, 13,200 houses, 87 churches, and 44 livery halls.

Many of the City of London’s most iconic buildings were consumed: St Paul’s Cathedral, the Royal Exchange, Newgate Prison, Christ’s Hospital, even Whittington’s Longhouse, one of the biggest public toilets in Europe, in the Vintry. Evelyn was aghast at the destruction of so much of the medieval centre: “London was, but is no more”.

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Cereal art: the masterpieces made from breakfast ingredients – in pictures

New York-based self-taught artist Sarah Rosado recreates masterpieces using only oat flakes, cinnamon sticks and fruit – ingredients more commonly found in her breakfast bowl. Just don’t add milk

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Luther statt Frühaufsteher
Luther statt Frühaufsteher: Mit neuen Autobahnschildern wirbt Sachsen-Anhalt künftig als Magdeburg (AFP) Luther statt Frühaufsteher: Mit neuen Autobahnschildern wirbt Sachsen-Anhalt künftig als "Ursprungsland der Reformation". Die neuen Schilder ersetzen die bisherigen Autobahnschilder mit dem Slogan "Willkommen im Land der Frühaufsteher".

FCC backs down from municipal broadband case
For now, the commission won't seek to protect city-run internet providers.
Amazon is cracking down on counterfeit goods
... apparently by levying a sizeable fee to merchants and requiring loads of proof that the products are legit.
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