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The devil comes for Daniel Radcliffe in fiery new trailer for Horns (+ a new poster)

Horns, based on an acclaimed novel by Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box, NOS4A2), is fast becoming one of the most buzzed-about genre movies of the fall. It marks another bold choice of roles for Daniel Radcliffe, who first staked his horror claim with The Woman in Black in 2012, and it's got acclaimed High Tension and Mirrors director Alexandre Aja at the helm. Fans of Hill's novel had been waiting three years to see the fruits of this adaptation, and the official release of the first trailer during Comic-Con last month didn't disappoint. This film looks to be a weird, wild ride that will take Radcliffe places he's never been before, and now a new international trailer is here to bring us even more devilish footage.

For those not up to speed, Horns is the story of Ignatius "Ig" Parrish, a young man happily in love until his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) is murdered and he's widely accused of the crime. One day some time after the murder, Ig wakes up from a hard night of drinking and finds two horns have sprouted from his forehead. As the horns grow, and as Ig tries to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them, he also discovers they've given him the power to compel people to express their darkest secrets. With this frightening new ability at his command, Ig hopes he can discover who really killed Merrin. From there, it only gets weirder, in a wonderful way.

Check out the new trailer -- full of fire, blood, and snakes -- below, along with the new UK poster.

Horns opens in U.S. theaters on Halloween. 

(Via Coming Soon)

Schlöndorffs „Diplomatie“ im Kino: Alleingang nach Europa

Volker Schlöndorffs „Diplomatie“ ist die Verfilmung eines Theaterstücks. Er nimmt die Endphase der deutschen Besetzung von Paris in den Blick. mehr...

Mural de Banksy, vendido por más de 667 mil dólares
Los amantes del móvil salvó del cierre a un centro juvenil de Bristol, Inglaterra
Stahl, Beton und Düsternis
Eine Ausstellung zeigt Fotografien des Weltkriegsbunkers am Opelwerk. Wer sich die Bilder anschauen will, sollte eine Taschenlampe mitbringen.
Radio-France fait sa (petite) révolution
Des grilles « repensées, retravaillées et renouvelées », une double ambition, « l’audience et le service public », de la radio filmée (sur France Inter), voire trois femmes aux directions de station : en quatre mois, Mathieu Gallet, le président de Radio-France, a mené sa révolution.
Mermet lance « Là-bas de plus belle » à la Fête de l’Humanité !
L’émission Là-bas si j’y suis a disparu de l’antenne de France Inter, après vingt-cinq ans d’antenne. Daniel Mermet fait le pari de la relancer sur Internet. Les premiers abonnements seront réalisés à la Fête de l’Humanité.
De Marciac à Uzeste, Émile Parisien sur les charbons ardents de l’improvisation
Le saxophoniste Émile Parisien, lauréat d’une Victoire du jazz, a quitté le Gers pour la Gironde et l’espiègle bande à Lubat. Fêlure sublimée et danse intérieure, pour un swing miraculeux.
Lear deBessonet Puts Her Stamp on ‘The Winter’s Tale’

Lear deBessonet, whose musical adaptation of “The Winter’s Tale” opens Friday at the Delacorte Theater, has found a way to reconcile her activism with her art.

Youth orchestras’ time to shine in İstanbul
Youth orchestras’ time to shine in İstanbulThere’s a prescient cadre of people in Turkey who feel that education -- specifically music education -- is the key to changing the world for the better. And they believe that message can ideally be delivered through the training of youth orchestras.A radiant example operating in İstanbul, in terms of its unique systematic approach, is Barış İçin Müzik (Music for Peace) in Edirnekapı. They recently signed on to collaborate with Venezuela’s highly regarded El Sistema, which has been in place in Caracas for 40 years and is now a global movement. Their shared philosophy is that music changes lives, one by one, and therefore the community at large profits.In recent history, other Western music training systems have been developed: the Carl Orff Method (which is currently employed by Turkey’s duo piano team Güher and Süher Pekinel within their Orff-Schulwerk Project); the Suzuki Method, a stringed instrument training program known for educating large groups playing in unison, developed by Japanese pedagogue Shin’ichi Suzuki; and Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a body movement-based system of teaching rhythm, developed by Swiss mathematician Emile Jacques Dalcroze.What differentiates El Sistema’s approach from the others is its holistic theory: It trains youths to train other youths, so a sense of social responsibility is woven into the educational template. It’s less about playing the right notes and more about being a good musical shepherd. The result is transforming lives -- especially of those who wouldn’t normally have access to music lessons -- and thereby building better communities, regardless of whether or not those individuals go on to become professional musicians.Summer camp concertOn June 10, Barış İçin Müzik officially teamed up with El Sistema and the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Art (İKSV) to engineer this collaboration for the future and to institute the summer camp Sistema Europe in İstanbul. The sweet results of their week of work at the campus of Boğaziçi University were an orchestral concert on Aug. 21 at the new Leyla Gencer Opera House and Cultural Center in Bakırköy.The 200 kids of Sistema Europe -- between the ages of 10-19 and from a total of eight countries -- performed a rousing program of music by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Elgar and Marquez in addition to three folk arrangements and Brahms’ Hungarian Dance in D minor accompanied by electronically manipulated screen visualizations by Stephen Malinowski. Bruno Campo, Etienne Abelin, Juan Carlos Maggioranni and young orchestra member Kübra Kızıltan conducted, and some of the 49 international teachers involved in the summer camp were strategically placed in the orchestra for support.The auditorium was overflowing and the press cameras were rolling. The palpable esprit de corps of both performers and audience created an evening to remember. Not only was it a musical sensation with wide stylistic perspective, but it was also a remarkable testament to the success of the El Sistema philosophy, wherein every person of any age involved (including an enthusiastic small child in the front row of violins, surrounded by his mentors) operated on an enlightened level.The takeaway from this project is the start of something big for the youth of Turkey and for Turkey itself, as this generation grows up with these extraordinary skills. By the way, the young pianist/budding conductor Kızıltan is one to watch!Two more youth orchestras coming upTwo youth orchestras -- the Greek Turkish Youth Orchestra (GTYO) and the Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (TUGFO) -- both under the leadership of Turkish maestro Cem Mansur, will make appearances in Zorlu Center’s Performing Arts Center on Sept. 1 and Sept. 23, respectively. It’s an opportunity to see this educational theory in action while enjoying wonderful classical repertoire.If the Greek-Turkish combo sounds refreshing, it’s because it was founded by Leni Konialidis, who believes “music permits people to communicate without knowing each other’s language.” The GTYO was borne out of the feeling Konialidis had as she observed her three children performing chamber music. “For the first time, they listened to each other and really respected each other’s role,” she told Today’s Zaman. The ensemble soon collaborated with Bilkent University and has performed concerts in Greece and Turkey since 2008.The 40-member GTYO’s concert on Sept. 1 at the Zorlu Center will be an all-Mozart program and will feature young solo clarinetist Pavlo Serassis in Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in addition to two Quadrilles for Orchestra and Symphony No. 40.The TUGFO comprises around 100 musicians between the ages of 16-22. The ensemble is already a veteran of European tours and performed this summer as the resident orchestra in both orchestral and operatic repertoire for the Taormina Festival in Sicily. Their expertise was duly noticed by the press. The newspaper Lo Spettacolo wrote: “…the Turkish National Youth Philharmonic overcame the immense technical, emotional and expressive difficulties of ‘Tosca’ with success. Especially noteworthy were the strings, exhibiting a level that can only have been reached with serious preparation. We too have young talents in Italy, but obviously need to review our cultural policies.”Their Sept. 23 concert at Zorlu Center will include Richard Strauss’ “Dance of Seven Veils” from the opera “Salome,” Wagner’s “Prelude and Love-Death” from the opera “Tristan and Isolde,” Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” capped by Mesruh Savaş’s ballet music about the legend of the Phoenix, “Simorgh.”One of the front-runners of this prescient cadre of music educators is maestro Mansur, who seems to have found a unique niche as a trainer of musical youth. He told Today’s Zaman: “It was not really my aim to create a niche for myself, but I always felt that we should have a national youth orchestra. … The energy and enthusiasm of young players is something I would not exchange for the best [adult] orchestra. I try to get them to aim high, to judge themselves in relation to the very best … and to instill in them a culture of social responsibility as musicians.”
Chris Harrison Explains Why Chris Soules Was Chosen as the Star of The Bachelor
Arie from Emily Maynard's season -- also in talks for the gig, host Chris Harrison says the decision came down to the wire.[...] what gave the Iowa farmer the edge? "At the end of the day, Chris is everything the show is based on," Harrison tells TVGuide.com."There were rumors that it was confirmed, but the truth is until this week everybody was wrong," he says.[...] he's been the front runner, that wasn't hard to figure out.For all the Chris supporters, there are also those both bummed we won't see the sexy race car driver on TV again and those wondering if Soules is dynamic enough to lead the show.Do you think Chris will make a good Bachelor?
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