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Daily Quiz for November 18, 2017

Widowed between his election and his inauguration, this president kept a portrait of his wife next to his heart.

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Getting the Truth Out

Ten Americans made a daring escape from the Japanese and shocked the home front with the first detailed account of the Bataan Death March. One day in early May 1943, ten American servicemen emerged from the jungle on the northern coast of Mindanao, a wild and remote island in the southern Philippines. They had quite …

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Lee Takes Charge

McClellan thought he was timid. Newspapers called him ‘Granny Lee.’ But once in command, the general attacked quickly and boldly. The musketry and artillery fire had died away with nightfall on May 31, 1862. For most of that day, the fighting had raged in the woodlots and clearings around Seven Pines and Fair Oaks Station, …

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Arms and Men: Underwater Terror

The plucky Bushnell brothers invented the military submarine, frightened the mighty British fleet, and gave George Washington a bit of hope. LEONARDO da Vinci, a great dabbler in military machines, once sketched designs for a crude subma- rine. Yet he refused to publish them, saying he feared “assassination at the bottom of the sea.” Centuries …

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Archaeological research on social inequality published
The origins of social inequality might lie in the remnants of ancient Eurasia's agricultural societies, according to a new article.
MHQ Letters from Readers- Spring 2011

Poland’s Just Deserts I WOULD LIKE to thank John Dunn, author of “1939: Polish Cavalry vs. German Panzers” Winter 2011. Far too often, the contributions of Poland—the “first ally,” as English historian Norman Davies calls it—are dismissed. Polish soldiers, sailors, and airmen played a role in many of the major western and eastern European campaigns, …

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The Battle of Algiers, Torture, and Marcel Bigeard

IN LATE 1956 FRENCH AUTHORITIES concluded they had to stop the protests and terrorist bombings in Algiers. The 10th Parachute Division assumed civil and military powers in the Algerian capital and its paras set about destroying the National Liberation Front (FLN) networks. The division included the 3rd Regiment of Colonial Parachutists, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel …

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Revolution Unleashed

In the 1950s, Algerian rebels fought the French for independence, losing nearly every battle, but winning the war. Glasses tinkled and voices rose and fell with laughter at the Milk-Bar, a soda shop in the European section of Algiers, the capital of the French département of Algeria. As families crowded inside, a few eyes roved …

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Fooled Again

A band of 57 Modoc warriors repeatedly outsmarted and outfought U.S. Army troops in California’s rugged high desert. On the cold, flint-gray morning of November 29, 1872, as sleet drummed the frozen earth, 37 troopers of Company B, 1st U.S. Cavalry, entered a camp of nearly 200 Modoc Indians on the Lost River near where …

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