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Neolithic ritual cave site discovered in Mayo
A cave-like chamber discovered by a hill walker in north west Mayo (Ireland) has been confirmed as a Neolithic site used in highly complex burial practices over 5,000 years ago....
Norwegian houses reused for over 1000 years during Stone Age
We've always heard that Stone Age people lived in caves. It turns out that they often lived in earthen huts, which they reused for centuries and kept up rather than...
11,000-year-old baby tomb found in China
Archaeologists in southwest China's Guizhou Province have confirmed a tomb dating back 11,000 year contains the remains of a toddler. The tomb is located in a cave in Yankong Village,...
Андрэй Мельнікаў: Cлуцкія паўстанцы ішлі ў бой, як самураі
Слуцкі збройны чын быў выбітнай беларуская ініцыятыва.
Хто з айцоў-заснавальнікаў БНР быў першым
Паспяховы чын заўсёды мае шмат творцаў.
Daily Quiz for January 21, 2018

On June 19, 1978 this cartoon cat made his first appearance.

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Гiсторык Алесь Смаленчук распавёў гарадзенцам аб айцах БНР
У Гародні адбылася лекцыя, прысвечаная тэме стагоддзя Беларускай Народнай Рэспублікі.
19 самых загадочных народов мира
Несмотря на старания историков и этнографов, история этих народов до сих пор хранит свои загадки.
Daily Quiz for January 20, 2018

Andrew Jackson had this kind of pet bird.

The post Daily Quiz for January 20, 2018 appeared first on HistoryNet.

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