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Scotland's finest 80 minutes against the All Blacks - a 0-0 draw in 1964
Jim Telfer can remember the exact moment, deep into the second half, that he knew the All Blacks would not beat Scotland on that crisp January day in 1964. It was at a line-out on Scotland's line in an era where there was none of the choreographed balletics of the modern day line-out; this was like a primeval form of all-in wrestling.
How to feed a baby beluga: First, puree your herrings ...
In a large tank filled with cold water, an orphaned beluga calf slurps and gulps with gusto six times a day.
Lotto New Zealand's $35m jackpot: How can you win it?
It seems there is no secret trick to striking the big one.
NZDF sends Hercules to help New Zealand yacht in distress in Pacific Ocean
The New Zealand Defence Force has sent a Hercules aircraft to help a Kiwi yacht in distress in the Pacific Ocean.
Eddie Jones' England make overture for Hurricanes star Brad Shields - report
Eddie Jones appears to be making advances to fringe All Blacks players with British news media reporting star Hurricanes forward Brad Shields turned down a call-up to the New Zealand side after being given sufficient encouragement by the England set-up.
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