Uzbekistan—Country Where One Wants to Return Again

Uzbekistan is bright warm days, fresh nights, winter melons, oriental bazaars, fragrant delicious cuisine, ancient folk crafts, the Aral Sea, diverse cities of the Ferghana Valley, the green city of Shakhrisabz, noisy Tashkent, quiet Bukhara and Samarkand, inundated with a swarm of tourists.

Uzbekistan tour package is a great opportunity to watch a sunny rich land where more than three hundred days a year there is a cloudless sunny sky by day and a velvet starry sky by night. Uzbekistan is famous not only for sunny warmth, but also for the strong hospitality of people. That's why every visitor feels a powerful positive energy of kindness and comfort. The hospitality of the local population is known to everyone, but to experience the attitude towards the guest in every Uzbek house is fully possible only when you are welcomed with a dastarkhan (Uzbek tablecloth).

The nature of Uzbekistan is striking in its variety of landscapes: here the glowing sands of the Kyzylkum are located next to fresh and clean lakes; the lifeless expanses of the steppes are intersected by irrigated green oases. Here in the shade of the vines you can enjoy sweet melons; from the wide city road you can see the gray mountains of the Tien Shan.

On the Uzbek land for its entire long history there were many events: the powerful empires of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, as well as Amir Temur, blossomed and collapsed; the destruction of military campaigns, the erection of masterpieces of architecture and the rise of science. Uzbekistan is called a crossroads of different worlds, many cultures and civilizations crossed here: the Great Silk Road ran through Uzbekistan, connecting different continents.

Nowadays Uzbekistan is a democratic republic, where a tourist service is developed and a civilized infrastructure is created. Here, every tourist can choose their own vacation according to their abilities. You can choose a low-cost national apartment or a five-star comfortable hotel, hiking in the mountains or exciting Aral Sea tours by jeep, lazy beach holidays or active tours of ancient cities in pursuit of attractions. The hospitable Asian land will welcome all comers! And Peopletravel Company will help in this issue.

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