> Link to your feed in NewsIsFree

Help users read your blog on NewsIsFree

By adding this little code to your site (normally nearby the orange XML icon) you can help your users read your users read your blog in the Online Aggregator NewsIsFree.
  • Graphics to choose from
    You can choose among these prefabricated graphics, create your own or also just do a text link.

    Alternatively you could use as text link something like "Read with NewsIsFree"
  • Link URL

    The link URL the image or text should point to is
    http://www.newsisfree.com/user/sub/?url={ENTER YOUR SOURCE LINK HERE}

    Simply use the link to your RSS/ATOM feed or to you blog front page (assuming you include autodiscovery tags in your pages).

    Or you may simply use http://www.newsisfree.com/user/sub/?referer
    and the refering page (i.e. on your site) will be used to get feed subscription information.

  • Easy Copy/Paste
    Here are easy samples you can copy paste for each image:

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