> How to get News on your mobile phone

NewsIsFree offers 2 ways of getting News Headlines on your mobile phone. The first option is to use our SMS alert service. Second option is to use mobile phone programs we partnered with.


Our SMS alert system allows you to receive the newest headlines directly as an SMS on your phone. In order to keep costs at a minimum you're able to configure quiet times as well as receiving headlines on your instant messaging client when we see, that you're online!
Read here for further information.

Mobile phone tools

  • Flurry

    Flurry brings all your email and news to your mobile phone. The Java tool is free, fast and easy to use.
    Read here for further information.

    Inbox View

    Read Email and News

    View Attachments

    Search using T9
  • FreeNews

    RSS reader for the mobile platform, well thought out, well laid out, and with excellent performance.

    FreeNews Screens

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