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> Using NewsIsFree's API

For using NewsIsFree's API you need to be a registered user and have a personal application key. For getting your personal application key, please, contact us. For using clipPost and unclipPost functions you need to have a Premium Account.

All the API functions may return API response structure with corresponding response code and response message. This structure is always returned on errors. Some of the functions return this structure with successfull code (it is mentioned in function description).

//response structure on success

//response structure on authorization error
'resonse_message'=>'Not Authorized');

Status response code definitions:

  • 2xx - successfull;
  • 3xx - redirection;
  • 4xx - client errors;
  • 5xx - server errors.

This site uses the PHP implementation of SOAP server with WSDL definitions. So for getting access to NIF API you need to create a SOAP client. Below there are examples of SOAP client, using php5 standard SOAP library, PEAR SOAP and nusoap libraries:
//php5 client
$client = new SoapClient("http://newsisfree.com/nifapi.wsdl",array("trace" => 1"exceptions" => 0));
$result $client->some_API_func($param1$param2,....,$paramn);

//pear soap client
$client = new SOAP_Client('http://newsisfree.com/nifapi.wsdl');
$param = array();
$param = array('param1'=>'param1','param2'=>'param2',.....,'paramn'=>'paramn');
$result $client->call('some_API_func'$param);

// nusoap client
$client = new nusoapclient('http://newsisfree.com/nifapi.wsdl'true);
$param = array();
$param = array('param1'=>'param1','param2'=>'param2',.....,'paramn'=>'paramn');
$data $client->call('some_API_func'$param);

> unClipPost(login, password, itemId)

Unclips the specified item Id form user clippings. For using this function you need to have a Premium Account.
  • application_key (string) - application key;
  • login (string) - user login;
  • password (string) - user password;
  • itemId (int) - news item ID in format "i,itemId,sourceId" (you can get itemIds from getNews function);
This method returns a hash array with one item, which is a number of clip items, in other case returns fault response. The named items are:
  • "curClipCount": number of clip items
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